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Posted: 8/8/2005 7:24:27 PM EDT
I'd hate to bug you guys with this... but I'm trying to find what brands/models of semi-auto .50's have been used by the military (Navy in particular) in the sniper role.
A gentleman(25-30 years old) at work claims to have been a SEAL Sniper using semi-auto 50's, and today boasted that he could hit a light (12" approx. diam.) on the casino roof next door to our job-site.
Now I'm no expert by any means, but @ MAX it was 300 Yrds. probably closer to mid 200's.
If someone had been trained by an elite Spec. Ops. unit as a sniper... would one such person "brag" to be able to hit a target at that minimal range? I also never heard of any semi-.50's adopted by the military until the Barrett.
Please help educate me or help me put to rest this BS story.
Link Posted: 8/9/2005 9:51:25 AM EDT
Hitting a 12" target at 300 yards is childs play for anyone that can shoot a rifle, even a .50.

Besides the M82 there's the Pauza and AI just built a new semi for the SEAL's but it might be in question as AI filed bankruptcy. Other then that, the M2HB can be fired semi by locking the trigger on the spade grips.

I doubt he used the Pauza as it's only seen limited production and with the AI being so new I doubt even the SEAL's have them yet. Everyone brags about what they can do, even SEAL's, it's human nature.
Link Posted: 8/13/2005 9:47:49 AM EDT
www.cyberseals.org/index.htm Get the guys name and send these guys the info. They have access to buds rosters and will be able to tell if this guys is legit/site is going to be down for a week or so
Link Posted: 8/13/2005 2:39:04 PM EDT
Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
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