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Posted: 12/3/2007 7:58:35 PM EDT
I just purchased a Benelli SuperNova Tactical today, and I need a little advise. I already added a sidesaddle and mag extension, but I would like to add a sling and tactical light. Anybody have any suggestions? I'm new to the long gun scene, just added my first AR a few months ago and this is my first tactical shotty, so I'm pretty in the dark when it comes to stuff like this. Thanks for any and all suggestions.
Link Posted: 12/3/2007 10:14:25 PM EDT
Any Surefire light either foreend style or barrel/clamp/rail mounted will work.

As for slings.

I would get a Vicker's 2pt. sling. If you don't think you'll like having the webbing up by the foreend (could get in the way) then go w/ a one point. But be careful w/ one pts b/c if you're not careful you'll only have one nut left to match your one point.
Link Posted: 12/4/2007 3:36:15 AM EDT
I use this and have adapters on several different weapons and am very happy with it. However, it is not the sling for walking long distances with your weapon as it still requires you to keep a hand on the weapon to prevent it from bouncing around and tagging your nuts. If your new Supernova is for HD, then I like the idea of a one point because it allows you to make very fast weapon transitions (if your HD plan also incorportes a pistol) and it also allows you to go handsfree to manipulate doors, use the phone, pick up your kid, or whatever else you find yourself needing opposable thumbs for. If you are going to practice the "drop and go" method of transition with a one point though it does require much practice beforehand to ensure that you can do so safely. NDs are nasty creatures, especially when your genitalia or other lower extremities interesct with the trajectory of the round. . .
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