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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/2/2002 5:15:25 AM EST
Hi all,
Just passing on some info.
Purchased New Springfield Micro 45 for wife to carry concealed daily. (what can I, say she liked the gun).
1- Grips were put on with extreme predjudice at the factory. They have basically been ruined(nice Cocobolos). They were on so tight that the screws were portruding into the well and not allowing a magazine to be inserted. Backed them off for range session but they need to be replaced and screws need to be ground down a bit.
2-Factory Springfield magazines are absolute garbage! I have known this for awhile but they insist on proving it to me every time I purchase one of thier guns and attempt to shoot it with their mags. First 50 rounds of PMC 230gr hardball had constant jams with Springfied mags. They refused to feed bullets proberly and jams were extremely difficult to clear with round jammed into throat and another round wedged up behind it.
Borrowed a Mechcar officers model mag and did not experience a single failure in 100 rounds.
3-At 15 feet gun shot better than I did. All shots including rapid fire went into small groups when I did my part. Recoil comparable to my full size magnaported 45 maybe even slightly less. Not really shure about it though because it has never been an issue for me.
Gun did not freeze up, slip out of hands, or do anything out of the ordinary considering it is tiny and really light, 24ounces 3"barrel.
4-Gun is very tight and it needs some more "breaking in". Fit and finish really nice. Not as nice as comparable Kimber but, it is a really "cute" gun.
In conclusion; so far gun is 100% with aftermarket mags, fits owner perfectly, feeds hollowpoints and ejects spent shells with some authority, and got me some "thank you honey nookie".
As long as Springfield replaces grips and screws with a new properly sized set I would consider gun a "good buy" for someone looking for alot of punch in a small lightweight package.
Any comments or questions welcome :)
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