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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/21/2002 7:36:24 PM EST
I have been looking at the M4 that's on Gunsmoke's website and find it to be one of the better looking M4's on the market these days. It has a muzzle brake that looks like an A2 birdcage and also has the M4 type thick handguards. Does anyone here have a RRA M4 or other RRA AR you can comment about? If these rifles are reliable (the thing has got to function properly) and have a good finish I want one. I am not sure if RRA uses a 5.56 or .223 chamber either....anyone know? Anyway, below is a link to the carbine in question if anyone wants to take a look see.

Link Posted: 7/22/2002 3:57:24 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/22/2002 4:04:04 AM EST by saleen]
Well, the rifle pictured is NOT a RRA M-4 clone. It has the wrong barrel, no side sling, and is missing the rear sight / carrying handle.

I have owned and shot RRA M-4s (still own 3) and they are excellent rifles. As far as the chambers are concerned, they are 5.56 NATO if you get the chrome lined version. The regular unlined gun is a bit looser than SAAMI standards, but not quiet NATO (so I'm told, I could be wrong). At any rate, the chrome lining is the way to go on these guns at only $30 extra. The trick is finding one or waiting in line.

Dealer cost on one of these is pretty close to Bushmaster M-4s, but the quality seems higher, and they look right. Also, you get the true M-4 handguards and a side sling mount. Another plus is the rear sight. Unlike the Bushy and Colt units, these are tight and do not twist left and right in a 4-5 degree arc. Maybe that play is milspec, but I like the more consistant match type setup.

If you send me an email at saleen910065@hotmail.com I will forward a picture to you.

Link Posted: 7/22/2002 4:09:14 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/22/2002 4:22:33 AM EST by HKgnnr]
Charging_Handle: Although I dont have a complete RRA rifle, I did purchase a RRA Entry Tactical upper. Mine actually has the press fitted A2 flash suppressor over the end of the barrel. That seems to be a hell of a price Gunsmoke has going for a complete RRA rifle, although it does appear to have more CAR style features than a M4gery would. Not sure if they are offering the press fitted suppressor or actual muzzle brake (but I'm sure they could mount a postban A2 style if thats what you wanted). The M4 handguards that I received with my upper were double lined Colts or copies, might want to verify the same from Gunsmoke.

My upper has a chrome lined barrel and chamber -$35 upgrade from Sable Co., its possbile Gunsmoke offers this upgrade on the complete rifle as well.

Not sure what the chamber specs are - never have paid much attention to that sort of thing, but I've fired, Winchester Q3131A, South African battle pack stuff, some old Norinco, PMC,and Winchester commercial soft points without any failures that weren't mag related.

Do a search on the RRA in the "Rifles, Uppers, Barrels and more" section of the board. You'll find lots of input on the complete rifles and uppers. Here's a link to my original post after I received my upper:

Here's a pic of my RRA/Colt Rifle, with a few changes/upgrades:

All in all I think you'd be happy with the rifle and the service provided by Gunsmoke.

Link Posted: 7/22/2002 4:50:18 AM EST
CH, I have an RRA M4 that I put together from RRA components I got from Pete-in-NH (Legaltransfers in Industry Forums). It has the 16" barrel, pressed on (fake) flash suppressor and the new chromeline bore/chamber barrel.

The finish is fantastic, and the fit is tight. No slop between upper/lower. I've run a lot of different ammo thru it without a single problem (Korean, Israeli, Lake City, and a number of others - no Wolf though).

Check with Pete or Donnie at Sableco. Both their prices/service are good. I haven't dealt with Donnie, but have heard nothing but good stuff about him. I do know that if Pete has the parts in house (which he usually does), he can put together what ever you want, and do it very quickly.
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