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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/21/2006 10:19:04 AM EST
Just started looking into Enfields....

I saw 3 Mk4 Enfields today (didn't purchase any) and each had different rear sights. The different configurations and information from the seller had me thinking it would be best to research some more.

Here is what I saw and why I didn't buy it.

Item 1 - Looked like original rear sights, but I felt over all the finish and metal was too worn and had that black stuff on the metal. You know, that cheap black coating that chips and flakes off.

Item 2 - The rear sights just looked wrong for the rifle and had a MK 1 stamp near the top of the rear sight. Also, the wood looked like it was refinished probably as a project to pimp the gun.

Item 3 - Was a simple flip style peep sight. Basically a peep sight with one small hole and one larger hole. Essentially the same flip style rear sights one would find on an early original M1 Carbine.

Based on the seller, all these sights are correct and are known to be delivered from the factory in these configuration. To me it didn't seem right and thought it best to get clarification from Enfield experts.

What rear sights should I expect to find on the Enfield MK 4 rifles?
Link Posted: 1/21/2006 3:28:20 PM EST
My son just turned 18 and bought his first rifle, a no4 MK 2 Enfield. I found some info here. Hope it helps some, I'm not to savy about this cruffler stuff but I'm sure someone will come along who is.

Link Posted: 1/21/2006 7:00:34 PM EST
There are three types of rear sights used on the No.4 Enfield.

The first variation (Mark l) is a milled micrometer type sight, marked from 200 to 1300 yds. It was used one the first years of the No.4Mkl and then in the post war years.

The second variation is the two aperature, flip sight much like that used on AR's. It was used on war time rifles.

The third variation is a stamped version of the micrometer sight. It was a war time expedient and used on war time rifles also.

There is also a micrometer sight with increments from 200 to 800 yds. This was for the No5 rifle, the Jungle Carbine. If you find one on a No.4 rifle it will not be the original sight.

The black, flaky paint is a British finish type.

I would recommend getting the book Lee-Enfield No.4 and No.5 Rifles by Charles R. Stratton. It's available from North Cape Publications. I bought one right after I bought my No.4Mkl rifle and it's a real blessing.
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