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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/9/2002 5:19:48 PM EDT
Just picked up an M92FS today, after a year or so with no 9mm's. Really looking forward to hitting the range this Friday with it.

My question is whether this is a Massachusetts only Beretta thing, or are they doing this with all new Berettas-

I have a spent shell casing in a small manilla folder, with the Model and Serial number of my gun, caliber, and rifling code, followed by a line entitled "Collector:" and some guys name typed in next to it.

I'm assuming there's an identical manilla envelope containing my "collected" bullet, with the same information on the outside of the folder.

Mass has a number of requirements for guns sold in this state, including a second hidden serial number, that aren't required in any other state.

Just wondering if people in free states like Az. and Texas have the little manilla folder included in their new Berettas. Is it a Nationwide bullet gathering effort, a Mass only effort, or something completely other than my tinfoil wearing noggin has concocted...
Link Posted: 10/9/2002 5:34:43 PM EDT
My Glock 26 had the same type of folder with 2 spent cases in it. I bought it at a Fort Worth gunshow. To tell the truth, other than looking in the folder, which was sealed, to see what was in there, I hadn't really paid that much attention to it. I think I'll go look again.
Link Posted: 10/9/2002 6:51:18 PM EDT
I bought my Beretta 92FS two years ago, and it didn't have the "ballistic fingerprint" spent shell casing with it. My girlfriend gave me a Browning Buckmark for Christmas and it DID have the BF shell casings (both, so one did not go to a collection database) with it. I think Browning and a few other companies are including them, to be used in states where it is, unfortunately, required. My SIG didn't have them, either. I predict you'll love your 92 as much as I do mine.
Link Posted: 10/9/2002 7:21:27 PM EDT
"ballistic fingerprinting"

what a croc!

not to mention a waste of money, time and ammo.

Threat to freedom or toothless tiger?
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