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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/11/2002 4:15:11 PM EST
I am considering buying a Bushmaster shorty--either the M4/A2 clone or the AK shorty variant. My question relates to the Mini Y Comp on the M4 version and the AK compensator on the AK shorty model. Just how much extra noise do these to barrel "comps" add? Would I be better off purchasing a plain barreled model?

I note that I have an M1A Scout with a comparable device and must say that it makes my M1A rediculously loud.

One final note. If the Mini Y Comp is too loud then what do you guys think of buying the AK version and asking a good gunsmith to mill off just the very tip portion of this "comp" and leaving the top and bottom portions that form the rectangular hole. I figure if you just remove the front portion of the comp then the top and bottom slabs will help protect the muzzle from damage.

Do you think any 'smith would touch this project? Or do you think they'd think no way due to fear of the appearance of modifying a batf approved design?
Link Posted: 1/11/2002 5:04:54 PM EST
Way too loud with either compensator...go with plain barrel if you ask me.

We will visit you in prison after you tinker with the BATF approved barrel length. I don't think any legitimate gunsmith would even consider such a project...I would strongly advise against it.

Link Posted: 1/11/2002 5:26:02 PM EST

You confirmed my suspicions. I figured both "comps" likely cause an excessive amount of add'l noise. However, my intent is not to shorten the barrel length, but eliminating the cause of the excess noise while protecting the muzzle crown AND eliminating the stupid looking AK style device.

My money was that nobody would even think of touching such a project. I most assuredly wouldn't attempt to work on it myself. Last, I forgot that these "comps" as installed on the Bushmasters bring the barrel length upto the minimum required by law. The slightest shortening of the comp will likely cause the barrel to be under the minimum required the batf.


Link Posted: 1/11/2002 5:30:23 PM EST
I love my AK Shorty and think that it would suit you fine.

As far as the barrel length goes, the AK Shorty is 16" with the AK brake permanently attached. 16" is the shortest the rifle can be without special permits. I would suggest that you keep it that way if you get one.

I would suggest that you try to find someone you know with one and try it out first.

Good Luck
Link Posted: 1/11/2002 5:35:29 PM EST
I see you figured all that out first.

What do you mean stupid looking device.[>Q]

Actually they work quite well for the purpose they were intended to.
Link Posted: 1/11/2002 5:56:09 PM EST

Err... Ahem. hat I'd appreciate your advice on some more questions I have--If you're still nearby.
Link Posted: 1/11/2002 6:02:14 PM EST
The comps are neat and all, but not worth the noise & hassle...
.223 does't kick enough to even worry about it...
I've tried several different comps,(AK, Y-comp, Smith comp, homemade comp, etc.) and finally ended up with none...
Funny thing is, my homemade comp was more effective than ANY of the "name brand" comps...
It REALLY works good on the 7.62 AK's...
Tames them down to .22LR recoil...

Just my 2 cents...
Link Posted: 1/12/2002 2:42:05 PM EST
Midnighthunter, You can order the M4 profile barrel without the Mini-Y Comp. You do not have to get a straight barrel to skip the Comp. Mike.
Link Posted: 1/13/2002 3:51:38 PM EST

Really...??? I did not know that. So I can simply make an order through my Bushmaster dealer and have it built without the Mini Y? Have you known anyone who has done this?

Link Posted: 1/13/2002 5:07:43 PM EST
My AK shorty isn't loud to me, just the people on both sides of me.
Link Posted: 1/13/2002 5:16:29 PM EST
Midnigthunter, The guys at work did a small group purchase from Bushmaster last month. The only feature they could agree on was a 16" barrel and the M4 profile. Some wanted the fake tele-style buttstock and some wanted the A2 stlye buttstock. All wanted the Mini Y Comp except one. Bushmaster did the guns the way each person wanted it. Call Bushmaster direct 1-800-998-swat and tell them what features you want and ask for the part number IE: PCWA2X14M4MY is the number for the standard XM15M4 16" carbine with the tele-style stock and the MINI-Y-COMP. They will give you the correct part number for the features you want and you in turn give that part number to your FFL. I have read on several posts that Bushmaster is slow shipping but we received the rifles in two weeks. Let me know how you make out, good luck, MIKE. P.S. Get the removeable A3 carry handle if you can swing the extra hundred bucks it is worth it later when you want to mount a scope.
Link Posted: 1/13/2002 7:28:25 PM EST

Originally Posted By MidnightHunter:

Really...??? I did not know that. So I can simply make an order through my Bushmaster dealer and have it built without the Mini Y? Have you known anyone who has done this?


It's called a "patrolman's carbine." It's a full 16 inch barrel, no brake. It's in there catalog, under upper's and under barrels.
Link Posted: 1/13/2002 7:45:23 PM EST
i have a m4 profile bm barrel with no brake. i
think it looks cool, doesn't have any recoil. i would buy one like this and then decide after you shoot it/clean it, if it's worth putting it on. i came to the conclussion that i don't want anything on the end unless i get a preban ar.
Link Posted: 1/15/2002 5:57:48 AM EST
I bought a Y comp and put it on my pre-ban. With foam ear plugs AND regular muffs it rattled my head and teeth, and the shooters on the left and right moved away. It also moved point of impact about 1 foot high at 100 yards. Its now sitting in my tool box with all the other junk I've purchased over the years. Skip it and get a straight barrel or buy a pre ban and put a Cavalry Comp on it.
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