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Posted: 8/13/2007 10:56:37 AM EDT

Trying to find out about a replacement trigger for my AR50
Link Posted: 8/13/2007 11:54:26 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/13/2007 4:42:41 PM EDT
What about the Rifle Basix? Same design type, so it should work.
Link Posted: 8/13/2007 5:42:08 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/14/2007 9:10:26 AM EDT

Originally Posted By 69charger:
I put in the Rifle Basix 4 to 20oz in my AR-50 and it works like a charm!

That is what I was looking for. Someone that had done it. I bought the 1 1/2 and up trigger. If I can get 2lbs, I'll be very happy.
Link Posted: 8/14/2007 1:57:07 PM EDT
You won't be disappointed! It helped my accuracy a lot. With the old trigger, I had way to much time to think about what was about to happen once the gun went off
Link Posted: 8/14/2007 6:36:10 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/14/2007 6:48:16 PM EDT by sledhead907]

The AR-50 comes from Armalite with a Schilen as a stock trigger.

How to adjust the AR-50 trigger - www.snipercountry.com/Articles/RemingtonTriggers.asp

I have mine set around 1 pound, and it breaks like glass with no creep. Couldn't be happier.
Link Posted: 8/14/2007 7:57:03 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/14/2007 7:58:22 PM EDT by number40Fan]
I tried with no luck.

How does yours shoot with that pull?
Link Posted: 8/14/2007 8:32:27 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/14/2007 8:34:18 PM EDT by sledhead907]

Originally Posted By number40Fan:
I tried with no luck.

How does yours shoot with that pull?

Awesome. Light years ahead of the way the stock trigger was set up. I have the trigger set up where there is no creep, and no backlash. Just a nice clean, crisp break.

So what didn't work about it? You do have to separate the receiver/barrel from the lower aluminum stock in order to gain access to the screws. I'm assuming you did this? And still no luck?

ETA: I tried to induce a slam fire, and couldn't get it to happen no matter how hard I slammed the bolt. So, I would say your "safe" with it set at 1 lb, but as always, all rules of firearm handling still apply.
Link Posted: 8/15/2007 10:12:04 AM EDT
I went through the normal steps for adjust Rem triggers on it. I spent a good two hours trying to get it lighter without a slam fire, but couldn't do it.
Link Posted: 8/15/2007 12:41:35 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/15/2007 2:35:41 PM EDT
I have a rifle basix trigger in my EDM. It uses the Rem 700 type as well and dropped right in. It's set around 6-8oz iirc. It's a lot nicer than the factory Rem trigger that came with it. Only problem is the safety doesn't work. Too much spring tension from the bolt or something i presume. I can put it on safe and it is fine but when I disengage the safety, it will fire. I uninstalled the safety arm so noone else can get hurt by relying on a bad safety on a big ass gun. If you ain't ready to shoot it, don't load it.
Link Posted: 8/16/2007 9:02:16 AM EDT
The AR50 has the safety mounted on the back of the bolt, so that won't matter. The trigger should be waiting for me when I get home tonight, so I'll let you all know tomorrow how it turned out.

The Rifle Basix that I bought for my Savage .308 turned out GREAT! I only bought the 8 oz one, but it went all the way there (safely) with an hour and a half of tweaking.
Link Posted: 8/16/2007 9:30:55 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/16/2007 6:59:29 PM EDT
I was thinking that his safety on his EDM was like that on a Remington. That is why I made the remark about the safety on the AR.

I am like you, 50, I don't load until I am ready to shoot. I don't think that I have ever even used the safety now that I think about it.
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