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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/24/2002 2:44:11 AM EST

The guy wants $5000 for his gun, no box, no papers, fired once. Am I missing something?
And I thought anything over $2k for a preban (even an A3) was insane.
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 3:06:14 AM EST

The guy has an armorer.

I'd buy it but that BLUE ink crap always pisses me off.
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 3:23:25 AM EST
Under ....."for whatever it is worth"....the current Blue Book shows this rifle at $4250.00 for 98% condition.
Since this is obviously a collector piece, no box or papers will hurt the price some.

Cactus Jack and Stokes are the reigning experts on this model.
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 4:25:59 AM EST
i do not consider myself an expert..., just a know-it-all....

i have been in contact wyth this fellow & told him he is a bit high on the price for a used gun, he also contends that the white streak on the hammer is "grease", i belive it to be wear marks, but it is not quality photo work, i also asked for a better photo of the ID side of the receiver, that "0" just ahead of the blocking square appears to be a bit "mangled"......

what gets me is he offered it to a fellow AR15.com member for $4,000 even, i offered the same but he refused, i'll buy it, but he has to learn to deal, when one makes a deal to one person & that person tells his buddy, the deal shud be extended to the person actually wanting the gun....., but !! it's his business !!!
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 4:35:59 AM EST

Originally Posted By CactusJack:

what gets me is he offered it to a fellow AR15.com member for $4,000 even..........

If the numbers check out, $4000 was the price I had in mind too.

What I don't know is how bad the dollar hit with no box and papers will be. I know I would pay about $4500 if the rifle had the original box and papers but that's just my opinion.....and that's if the numbers check out.
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 5:16:41 AM EST
I sold one NIB about a month ago for $5550.00 on subguns.com in order to finance my Colt M16A1. I had tons of offers and several people saying that I was asking too much, but I stuck to my guns and finally got the asking price. Look at it like this....there are only 134 of these babies, and they are worth whatever someone is willing to pay. Someone will always pay the asking price, it's just a matter of how long the seller wants to wait. The 6721 sure is a beautiful rifle, but as long as you aren't reading the markings on the left side of the receiver it looks no different than a $1500 preban. Just my $.02

Link Posted: 7/24/2002 12:16:26 PM EST

a Colt collectible AR-15 NIB, original box w/ label showing S/N & model #, & accessories, add from $400 to $800 to the price......
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 12:20:47 PM EST

SOOOooo....!! you are the one !!!

50 BUCKS kept me from getting that gun, ooh well, next tyme......, i was going to turn it into a shooter anyway, ha ha...
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 12:41:12 PM EST
What was the reason only 134 of these rifles were made? was it right before the ban and thats all colt made or was it their choice to make only 134?
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