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Posted: 3/26/2009 5:16:48 PM EDT
I've got a DPMS LR308 TAC20, which I wish to start handloading for. I will be using LC brass and Sierra 168gr. HPBT Match bullets. My question is, which powder works best for this combo. Right now, it appears to me H4895 would be a great choice. I've also got some RL15 and some TAC, and believe it or not, I can get some Varget right now. What powder works best in your LR308? Thanks in advance for your response!
Link Posted: 3/26/2009 6:17:09 PM EDT
I too have got a dpms lr 308 and the powder that has given me the best groups was IMR 4895 using 41.5g of powder with 168g amaxes, wlr primer on win brass. It will shoot 1/2'' 5 shot groups @ 100yds. I was amazed of how accurate it was....going toe 2 toe with my bolt guns (rem 700 p) I haven't tried using varget but I have been curious, it is my choice powder for my bolt gun
Link Posted: 3/26/2009 7:27:18 PM EDT
You got some good ones there. IMR or H 4895 is a known favorite of many, RL15 and Varget should work well, don't know about TAC. I've found IMR 4064 to shoot good in any medium sized caliber. I hope someone corrects me if I'm wrong but I don't believe the AR actions are as powder sensitive as the M1A, Garand actions are. Too fast a powder in them causes big problems. IMR 4350 usually gets good reports in .308 as well. The LR308's are known for great accuracy in a semiauto.
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 6:41:53 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/27/2009 6:48:05 AM EDT by sogsifu]
Great choice of rifles. I call mine my surgical tool

Here are loads that work great with my rifle:

.308 168 gr Sierra BTHP = 40.5 H335 Win Primer Both LC + Non LC brass


44 Varget Win P LC BRASS

.308 168 gr NOSLER BTHP 41gr H335 LC BRASS + Winchester P L crimp


45 Varget Winchester Brass L crimp

Enjoy!!! Oh yeah, too bad I lost all my rifles in a boating accident
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 8:10:05 AM EDT
Sorry about the boating accident! There seems to be a rash of those lately!

Did you use a tungsten buffer in your rifle, or was it stock? Before the tragic incident!

BTW, darn good shooter there!
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 1:46:17 PM EDT
All stock. They just don't make boats like they used to
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 4:32:54 PM EDT
I decided to go ahead and get some Varget, if my dealer still had any left. Yesterday, they got in 12 pounds, and so today, I went back, fully expecting it all to be gone, but there was 6 left, so I took 5. Left one for seed! So, these will be the four powders I will work with on my DPMS, H4895. TAC, RL15 and Varget. I'm sure at least one will give good results! It may be awhile before I can actually do any shooting, we're still belly button deep in snow around these parts! But, WOW, if my TAC20 will shoot like yours, I will indeed be very happy! Thanks for the pics!
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 7:41:31 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/27/2009 7:43:47 PM EDT by sogsifu]
I'm sure you'll enjoy the rifle with your reloads. I couldn't get these results with factory loads. If your using Varget with LC brass this load worked best for my rifle: 44gr Varget Win Primer LC BRASS. Remember to Crimp. It is amazing the sniper accuracy you can get from a semi like the Tac20. God did bless me with a talent to shoot but you have the right equipment .

I prefer the H335 over the varget for it comes out on top for both the .308 and .223 I load. Also, varget was more temperamental with the type of brass used compared to the H335 that showed no evident changes. I am a firm believer in standardizing when I can so H335 won .

Also, I don't know if this made a difference but I broke in the barrell exactly like DPMS recommended. It was a pain and I don't know if it really made a difference but nevertheless I did.

Have fun.

Link Posted: 3/29/2009 4:59:15 PM EDT
Thanks for the tips on the H335 and barrel break-in. I shall keep these in mind. Also snagged a box of 168 gr. Amax bullets today, so I might give those a try as well. Thanks to sogsifu and all other posters who responded.
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