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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/3/2003 3:11:32 PM EST

I am about to plunge into a M14S. I have 2 M1As a preban and postban and love them. I always toyed with idea of getting a Polytech, but never did until now.

I am about a few days away on getting mine and have a few questions:

1. Is it necessary for me to get the GI Bolt Conversion?

2. Am I wasting my money? I want to eventually get the entire rifle reworked so I can have a match grade rifle and have a good to go receiver.

3. It looks like a solid flash hider can I change it for a springfield flash hider minus the lug?

4. Will it drop into a GI Fiberglass stock no problem?

5. Is there anything else I am forgetting?


Link Posted: 11/4/2003 2:20:54 AM EST
1. Not if it headspaces correctly. If it has good headspace, just shoot it and once in a while check it to see if it gets bad. Until then, there's really no reason to fix it if it's not broke. Make sure the headspace is checked correctly as well.

2. Not at all. If you get one you can shoot (i.e. everything checks out good), you can enjoy the gun while you find and squirrel away the parts you want to use. Find one at a good price is about the only advise here.

3. Not until you have sufficient USA parts in the gun. The non-bayo FS is the ONE evil feature allowed on a US gun. Imports aren't allowed any, so you have to stick with the solid until you get the US parts count correct. Think of the FS on an M14-type as the same thing as a PG on a post-ban AR (i.e. ONE evil feature).

4. Mine did, I woundn't see why others won't.

5. The only thing is cost. Try to get into the gun as cheap as possible. Also try to get your parts together as soon as possible. They are getting harder to find. Mags are also expensive right now.

I own a match grade SA, inc and a Poly that I rebuilt with a new TRW parts kit. The M-1A is pre-ban with all H&R USGI parts. I love the SA,inc. I built up the Poly because I wanted a forged receiver and I wanted the experience of doing it myself. There's really nothing worng with a SA, inc. I'd recommend you do the math first.

Look at what the Poly will cost, what the parts will cost, what the build will cost (i.e. the total cost). Then look at what a used SA, inc gun with mostly GI parts will cost. The SA,inc will be easier to upgrade in the end. Figure some parts and work are going to have to be bought either way if you're going to go with a match-grade gun. Then see what the difference will cost. If the difference in cost is worth it to you, then decide.

I did the Poly because I wanted to do it myself and do it exactly the way I wanted. That meant more to me than the $200 (what the difference would have been to go SA, inc in my case) I would have saved. If I just wanted an M14-type gun without doing any of the work myself, I'd have found a good SA, inc and used it.

The main thing is do what YOU want to do.

Link Posted: 11/4/2003 11:56:25 AM EST

Thanks a lot for the response. I was very concerned about this purchase since it is not made here in the States. I know that it will take some money, but I have the time and besides I have 2 M1As already. I figured it will give me the opportunity to make something different. I was looking at procuring another Preban M1A but decided not to since I already have one. I want a rifle that is made with a forged receiver and the Poly fit the bill. I have read some favorable reviews and that is what spurred my interest.

I was also toying with the idea of getting a FAL and a AR10 but decided against it. I figured I want to keep my collection relatively the same that way transition from rifle to rifle or pistol to pistol is easier. Why own a bunch of rifles I can't shoot well when I can have a few that I shoot with confidence.

In the end I think I will go with a Smith Enterprise entire rebuild when I shoot the Poly to death. I figured within about 3 years I will probably be able to get it rebuilt properly. That way I can keep the wear and tear off of my Springfield Armory M1A's while still shooting the same platform. I want to shoot high powered matches with an M1A and will eventually build a match grade AR15 as well. Then there is the 45 I want to build. And also I am interested in doing the 3 gun matches.....

Man this is an expensive hobby.

Link Posted: 11/4/2003 1:54:04 PM EST
When dropping a Norinco/Polytech action into a USGI fiberglass stock, you may have to modify and build up the area inside the stock where the Recoil spring guide retaining pin sits.Either that or drill out you reciever to accept the USGI retaing pin.

The Chinese retaining pins aren't as long, or the same diameter as the USGI pins.They have had a tendency to "walk" out of the reciever after a few mags due to the space between the inside of the stock wall and the reciever.This leaves your recoil guide "unretained".

It is easy to modify with a little JB Weld.

I have pics and instructions on how to do this mod if needed.

I swapped most of the Chinses parts out of my Norinco M305 for USGI parts, because I'm a USGI "snob"(TRW trigger, op rod and S.A. USGI Bolt).

Will change the barrel, gas system and flash suppressor when the barrel is shot out.

If you want more info on the Chinese M14/S & M305 Rifles, visit our Canadian Firearms site:

There are a LOT of Norinco M14 owners over there and lots of building/tips/tricks/problem solving threads.

Link Posted: 11/5/2003 4:48:54 AM EST
Orion 7 currently has some USGI M14 kits available. They're running $800-900 or so. They are supposed to be very nice, and Orion 7 is one of the true good guys. I bought my kit from them (long ago) and their product, service, and my satisfaction was EXCELLENT. I don't really see a parts kit being cheaper than this for the kind of condition these should be in. Alot of money, I know, but it will give you a good idea of what to think about price wise. If you have the money, I'd grab one of these kits ASAP. They won't last long, even at this price.

Link Posted: 11/10/2003 3:27:42 AM EST
Orion7 is freshout. I guess I was a day late and a dollar short. Oh well, I am looking at those replacement mags. Have any of you all tried them? The ones Tapco and Numrich have? Are they good to go or am I wasting my money.


Link Posted: 11/11/2003 1:38:50 AM EST
I haven't tried any of those mags. In my one stroke of genius over the many years I've lived, I bought a crapload of USGI M14 mags WAY before the ban and kept them. I even have one with a price sticker for $5. So I never had the need to try out any kind of aftermarket/replacement mags. I really have no good info on them at all.

The Chinese mags are just as good as USGI really. Be patient and buy a few here and there when you run across any at a good price. The M14 mag is probably the strongest rifle mag out there, so you really don't need to buy as many of them as M16 mags, or even FAL mags.

And NO, none of my mags are for sale


Link Posted: 11/11/2003 11:04:28 AM EST

Originally Posted By maxell27:
The ones Tapco and Numrich have? Are they good to go or am I wasting my money.



I bought one from Numrich. They have the wrong type of Mag. springs. I had to replace mine with a U.S.G.I. spring. It works fine now.
Link Posted: 11/14/2003 6:20:50 AM EST
Well I actually got the mags on order and I am still waiting on the rifle. I should have it here sometime next week.

I like the AR15 and M4 Variant, but the M1A just feel right.

Link Posted: 11/21/2003 2:46:09 AM EST
Well got the mags from TAPCO. 10 of them and they look good. The only thing I notice is that they lock up really tight and the follower seems a bit different. I'll give a range report as soon as the Polytech shows up.

Link Posted: 11/21/2003 2:57:01 AM EST
FWIW, if your getting a PolyTech M14, ya really should bookmark this site: www.smithenterprise.com/startpage.htm, and looks as if you know this.

I owned one for several years until I sold it to purchase a long range AR. The above site, turned a "terrible" shooter into a 2MOA rifle for me and I highly recommend them, they are familiar with every mod there is to the Poly M14s.

As to your mag discussion, chinese mags are "crap" (sorry Ross), they will bulge when stored for long periods of time and are generally flimsy junk. The 30 mags sold w/ my M14, were nuthing but USGI, as their the ONLY ones to trust, if your serious about your M14.

Link Posted: 11/21/2003 9:04:13 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/21/2003 6:16:23 PM EST by Sukebe]
Mr. Wilson, I just have to say that if your seriously calling Chinese Mags "crap", I wouldn't trust your opinion on anything firearms related. Chinese Mags are excellent quality. Tens of thousands if not more are in use in this country. I've owned a few. I've known many people who own and use them. I've never once heard anyone complain about them "bulging" or otherwise malfunctioning because of issues with the quality of materials or construction.
Link Posted: 12/9/2003 5:49:53 AM EST
Finally got it home. For a Polytech it looks pretty good. The wood was nasty, but I had a blond birch stock for it and it sits in there now. I picked up some mags for it already now just got to head to the range.

It really does need a new flash hider though.

One of these days it is going to Fulton Armory.

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