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Posted: 5/31/2008 5:28:22 AM EDT
Thought I would share some pictures of my new rifle. As with most high profile stars I have given her a bit of cosmetic surgery.
All of the accessories were supplied by http://www.fire-support.co.uk. They are based in Peterborough, Cambs, UK. I telephoned these guys and explained that I wanted to pimp my ride. They were very enthusiastic about looking at my GSG-5 as they had not heard of it before. I was told to pop along that afternoon to meet the owners John and Frank.
Fire-Support is an Airsoft retailer and were voted number one AI online retailer here in the UK. I spent over an hour at their store where they took the time to try out various modifications to my gun. They even cut and resprayed the RIS to ensure a good fit. The guys even let me try out some of their Airsoft guns which to my surprise were bloody good fun. In-fact fun to the point that I hope to try an Airsoft day at some point.
If you live in the UK I would highly recommend speaking to John and Frank about pimping up your GSG-5. Good customer service is hard to find these but these guys are spot on. They are genuinely enthusiastic and happy to help. All the bits are very keenly priced.

My rifle has had the following bits added:

Genuine EOTech HWS
Uncle Mikes three point sling
Classic Army RIS for MC51 and MP5
Classic Army retractable stock
Classic Army MP5 dual magazine clip. All metal
G & G low profile sights mount. Long version
Mauri forend grip

Cost of EOTech £280 and cost of upgraded accessories £180


I took this to the range yesterday and fired 200 rounds of CCI Minimag ( high speed ) through it. It was great fun and i had no misfeeds. I still need to zero the sight in.
As with everyone else on this forum i highly recommend buying one of these rifles.

At the moment there seems to be a shortage of these in the UK but it's worth holding out for.

Link Posted: 5/31/2008 6:58:15 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/31/2008 7:36:27 AM EDT
Does the Home Office know you have that gun?!
Link Posted: 5/31/2008 8:39:56 AM EDT
Nice job on your GSG-5! I had a go with a couple last week and thought they'd be great for steels & mini-rifle if they hold up to use.

If you are getting into airsoft in the UK (not skirmishing), try wwww.practicalpistoluk.com
Mike Cripps on there runs a centre & comps.  at Burnley which is highly rated. Also the site holds details of the various practical pistol and steels comps around the country.
Link Posted: 6/1/2008 8:22:55 AM EDT
thansk for the pics,

you know that little button on the lower right edit frame that looks like a mountain? Click on that and you can insert yout photobucket pics right on the post.
Link Posted: 6/2/2008 8:54:04 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/3/2008 2:54:03 PM EDT
Is your VFG backwards?
Link Posted: 6/3/2008 11:15:42 PM EDT
how much did you have to pay 10 Downing Street for 'permission' to own that?
Link Posted: 6/4/2008 1:53:27 AM EDT
with all that invested, you should'a at least SBRd it!  can you do that where you live?
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 6:43:10 AM EDT
Is your VFG backwards?

Ermmm!!!! Guess who wins this deliberate competition to find the obvious error in the picture.

Yep! My VFG is very back to front and has since been turned the other way. I realised my mistake when i first shot the GSG5 with the barrel pointing towards myself.
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 6:48:08 AM EDT
with all that invested, you should'a at least SBRd it!  can you do that where you live?

I would have loved to do that but we are restricted in the UK by barrel length as well as over all length. It does look a bit odd now. I guess our wonderful UK government are afraid i might hide it in my coat and mug a small child.
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 2:45:33 PM EDT
Nice .
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