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Posted: 1/20/2015 9:56:04 AM EST
6 months ago I got a gen 2 PVS 4 from TNVC. Really big, heavy unit. I don’t use it as a weapons mount for that reason. But it works great on a tripod as a night spotter. I live on the top of a hill in the middle of the woods so there is a lot of animal activity around my place. I spend a lot of time sitting on the porch spotting critters.

All my other NV gear is gen 3, so when I use the PVS 4 it is really noticeable. What can I do to upgrade this unit? Gen 3 Tube? Or I have seen the PVS 5 lens assemblies install on the 4. Would that help?

This unit really works well but sometimes you cant leave things alone. My property has stands of huge oak trees that block out the overhead sky making night vision really have to work hard. I have IR lighting mounted to my rail system that the PVS 4 is mounted to. The problem with that is the close brush gives off a lot of IR backsplash. Also the critters seem to be wary of IR lighting.

Any ideas much appreciated
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