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Posted: 4/21/2007 12:32:24 AM EDT
Last weekend i had good chance to handle the new SIG 556 assault weapon and i really did not find the carbine all that impressive if this is the updated version of the 550.

Basically a bare bones and carbine with a bolt and carrrier system simular to the mechanical design of the FN FNC carbine. The upper receiver contained a simular folded / stamped five angle shaped receiver.

The upper did not have the fancy H&K doplier rear sight like the 550, just a simple pitincanny rail. No fancy side folding stock ether, Just a knock off looking AR15 tela stock with a removeble but pad which gives access to a tinny storage compartment made perfectly for a crack stash.

The forearm contains some funky looking venting holes made from faded black or grey color synthetic material which looked like some funny chi com accessory you could aquire at tapco. The 556 reminded me of the new Armalite 180-B lot of promises from the past but half the weapon with a unproven track record witha intro price that could kill elephant. $1250.00 price
Link Posted: 4/21/2007 1:53:43 AM EDT
I like your analysis. Judging only from appearance, the stock turned me off as well as the handgaurd. I understand future versions will have the folding stock. If they improve a little I may get one.
Link Posted: 4/21/2007 2:14:33 AM EDT
If Sig would rethink the 556 with the original side folding stock in black or olive synthetic with the original forearm and a H&k style sights the carbine would find better exceptance and the price would not be such a big deal.

The sales guys at the local shop were pushing the gun like it was the next best thing since the original 550 or Beretta AR70. I just looked at the gun for about five minutes and handed it back and said i will take a LE Colt M4 or Tactical A3 before i spend money on that blow job. !!

The dealer was shocked by my awnser, i just said the Koreans had it right with the preban K2. If Kimber could jump on the bandwagon and produce an updated MAX2/K2 we would be in hog heaven.
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