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Posted: 12/25/2003 9:31:02 AM EDT
Finally mounted a Simmons 22Mag 4x32 scope I've had laying around for years on my Marlin 25N (also laying around for years) and took it to the range last weekend.  I was stunned with the accuracy of that inexpensive little rifle!

A couple of the 50yd groups:

First group shot for zero

Zeroed - Damn flyer...

For less than $150 for the rifle and scope, I don't know that you can find a better starter rifle out there.
Link Posted: 12/26/2003 11:57:50 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/26/2003 5:51:46 PM EDT
I gave my nephew a Marlin 25N for Christmas four years ago. His father fired a 20 yard, 5 shot group (with stock iron sights) that could be covered by a quarter.
Link Posted: 12/27/2003 9:59:06 AM EDT
Right on!! I have exactly the same setup as you. A Marlin 25N with a Simmons 22Mag 4x32 scope. I'm very pleased with my rifle, although i've never been able to get groups like that at 50 yards with it. What were you using for a rest? I just stuff my school backpack with old clothes and use that
Link Posted: 12/27/2003 12:33:19 PM EDT
For a rest, I was using a 50cal ammo can on its side with a small sandbag atop as in the image below of a buddy shooting the rifle.  Ammo was Wolf Match Extra.

Link Posted: 12/27/2003 1:06:18 PM EDT
Hey, Red.  Not to change the subject here, but how much did you pay for the digital calipers, and from where did you get them?
Link Posted: 12/27/2003 2:55:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/27/2003 2:58:08 PM EDT by Red-Leg]

It was one of those rare opportunities you come across every now and again where you pay next to nothing for quality merchandise.

My company does a lot of IT consulting for Sears and they were closing a distribution center here in town.  As a "consolation" to their employees who were about to be jobless, they were offered items at 50% below cost.  They invited our company to participate, and participate we did.

IIRC, they were $30 but retail for around $80.

Edited to add:  Where in NH are you?  I grew up in Manchester.
Link Posted: 12/27/2003 8:27:56 PM EDT
Small world, I guess.  I live in Manchester.
Link Posted: 12/28/2003 2:31:33 PM EDT
Seems smaller every day.  I'm heading back there for my 20th HS class reunion next Thanksgiving.  I'll drop you a line beforehand and see if we can't get together for a little trigger time.
Link Posted: 12/28/2003 2:41:30 PM EDT
Sounds like fun
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