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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/17/2002 11:40:36 AM EST
Now this isn't a story about losing hundreds, but lets just say I'm pissed no less!

Let me tell you a little story about a place called Northwest Armory located in Portland, Oregon. This morning I called up the armory and spoke with salesman #1, Gary. I explained to Gary that I had a couple of Harris Bipods that were just to long for my use! They were well taken care of, they just didn't have any of the original packaging. I asked if they would be interested in taking them in on trade towards one of the shorter Harris Bipods. Gary said that he would need to see them, (make sure they arn't beat to hell)check with the boss, but that he didn't see a problem, and to bring them in.

Now I go and drive down there, and take those Bipods in, and encounter salesman #2 behind the rifle / rifle accessories counter. I tell him that I spoke with Gary, and that I'm looking for a shorter bipod. He takes a look at what I have, and then prices the short harris bipod he has behind the counter. Hmmm... $59.99 retail on what I want, and BOTH the bipods i brought in they have retail for $59.99. They also had one with the swivel leveler for $79. Now I don't expect to get retail for these of coarse! I'm thinking at worst, they will say, well, give us both of yours, and we'll give you one of ours. I was actually concidering this, because I really want that short bipod. I figured they would simply take mine and stick em on used guns, are keep them for themselves.

So he goes and talks to Gary, who goes and talks to the 'boss'... he comes back and says they will give me $20 trade for BOTH! I say "$20 trade for BOTH? As in $10 EACH?" and he says "Yes". TEN DOLLARS EACH!!! Even salesman #2 was shocked, because he himself said he figured I could get what I needed out of what I brought in for trade.

All i have to say is whoever owns northwest armory is not a reasonable man. I just kinda laughed and said 'no thanks, thats not fair', and then browsed a little more and left. I almost take it as a personal insult, but figure it's their business, not mind, so whatever.

I'm a little dis-heartened though. I understand if they are only in the business of selling retail/new merchandise, but to even MAKE the OFFER of $10 each for bipods that sell new for $60, that my grandma could easily sell at a gunshow for $45 is way beyond tacky!

In hindsight...I have also encountered bait and switch tactics from these guys on ammo sales, i.e. Big ammo sale advertised in the paper, and when you show up the same day, they have run out, but have another sale to offer you.

I will never shop or attempt to do business with Northwest Armory again. There, I feel better now.

PS- if you want a couple Harris Bipods, email me. I'd like to get the shortest model they make that has the swivel leveler.

Link Posted: 7/17/2002 1:23:17 PM EST
I used to live in Portland. Ive been there and they were nothing but rude to me either.
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 1:24:39 PM EST
My favorite gun shop in Portland was Keith's Sporting Goods over in Gresham, they do class 3 also, if you havent been there before, it's worth checking out.
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 1:47:36 PM EST
I don't think it's as bad as you make it sound.
His cost on new ones is probably $30 (50% retail). Why on earth would he give you $30 each for used bipods w/o packaging?
I've bought two used Harris bipods for $15 and $20 each. That's the used market.

Be smart and sell them on Ebay. They seem to sell for $40-60.
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