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Posted: 6/14/2009 4:18:49 AM EST
Hi guys, quick poll if you guys can care to weigh in. LET ME FIRST STAT: i'm in no way currently selling or taking orders for a aluminum 25 rders, or a slightly curved side by side aluminum 40 rders like the jackass who ripped folks off awhile back, however have a prototype in works with a outsourcing cnc manufacturer near me who already has good experience with cnc firearm parts.

For all that dont own a 10/22 or have one but dont own a tactical Innovation aluminum 25 rders...please see the link below to get an idea of the material and general look of a potential gsg aluminum mag.


Anyway before i started discussions with the guy who will be potential making these for me i figured the rate charged for them, and the current 75 bucks was way steep, but if u read the link above u will see the materials, avg. of 2 hours production time on each one and the general fact that these mags are designed to fill the very top tier for mags with the 10/22 and with potential respect for the GSG.

Just a brief not interested, interested, or a def. buyer is all i really need. The start up cost to hammer this prototype home will be a nice chuck of change given the initial per unit cost plus the outsourced cnc work which i will need to order a min. to get the balls rolling.

Obviously if these become a reality for me the only way to do business is to have product on hand for what is being sold. So no money will asked i actual have them in hand and can ship upon payment, but i have almost pulled the trigger on this thing for a cpl. of months now but just really havent had the scrap to do it, but i can perhaps work it now so i really just need a nice feeler from the community.

Thanks guys and hopefully we can have some nice mags to match our nice gsgs for a change.
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 4:39:05 AM EST

Link Posted: 6/14/2009 5:31:41 AM EST
Hello I love this idea, I have a 10/22 and would love to have one of these that could be used for the GSG. I am more concerned with bugs being worked out first. I think that in the future a modular mag would be great one with this body type I would hope could one day have an interchangable upper that could make this work for 10/22, GSG-5, insert your .22 rifle here! I will be following this to see where it goes. Even as it is being dedicated to GSG-5 it will be very nice. keep me posted!
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 8:26:57 AM EST
bdm is working on some mags
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 8:48:31 AM EST
Prob. by weds. i will know for sure if this thing is going anywhere and if im at least gonna do 100 or so on a trial bases. I have a meeting with the owner again on Tuesday and i doubt not being sure 1 way or another if im going to do this.

The real kicker spending the coin and time and effort on a cnc aluminum mag is that basically if u can cnc a mag correctly. the variance from mag to mag is basically zero for 1 due the absolute exact machining process that cnc uses, and im not sure but anyone who has every gotten a bad arse TI aluminum 10/22 knows that once these things are correctly pushed through the cnc, it gonna be good for lifetimes and for me this is the real reason why i want to do these mags in the CNC process because what better thing for mags, being that its one of the most highly stressed part of an automatic gun. I just cant stand to use the damn plastic " insert door dressing..super hardened polymer....aka plastic lol" mags anymore. Seriously the more i study the gsg mags from ati and promag, the more im confused on the design on these mags. Granite rimfires are usually the toughest high cap mags to get to run true and long but too many big errors with em. Material/ crappy little screws mounted in the crappy material(plastic mag shell}...at least i would of put a more hardened polymer lip if not steal so that on the top 2 screws they could actual screw into something other than putty. Next why the heck do they need that stupid slide feature that allows the whole damn shooting ranges particles to make a new home inside them thus making them needed to be cleaned at range if u put 1/2 to full brick through them. Lastly and perhaps the most critical flaw on the mags imho is or has somethings to do with the mag followers......TILT seems to be way to level combined with the back top parts of all the promags ive seen and to a lesser degree the stock ones are way too tight. When combining the wrong tilt angle with the tightness where the primer end goes makes the damn things nose jam everytime their is a burr, or hitch inside the running track of the mag, even worst and more of a hassle is loading these things as well. I guess they thought all the ladies were going to buy the GSG and thank goodness took fine manicures in to consideration and thus we get the useless as tits on a boar slide feature that only seems to wrong side up, rounds if u dont get meticulous when slowly loading them.

The only thing that is not already designed out and dimensions drawn for on the mag prototype is the actual spring.....the mag we are meeting on is the 25 rounder, so in theory the Ati replacement 22rd springs will be just fine, but ultimately i think i would like to try to engineer a spring like pmags and using a much higher tensile strength than the current ones.

Link Posted: 6/14/2009 12:40:37 PM EST
A mag that looks like an MP5 mag would be desirable. How to make it not have the side slots would be tough but would look best. Maybe a feeder that ran along the front or back instead of the sides, that was flush. As to the mag in the link, I don't like somebody's logo all blazoned on the side of it. Makes it look cheap. As for me, unless the mag looked like an actual MP5 mag, or very close, I would probably not buy it. If it did, I would. Steve
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 8:35:38 PM EST
my reasons firstly are for reliability, however no doubt aesthetics are very important and just for giggles def. hate logos as well unless its a few select brands. The 40 rd. one that the dude fake marketed and took peoples cash on bel. it or not will prob be the easier of the two to make. Have u used any ramline side by side mags for 10/22s.... if so they awesome for about the first 500 to 1000 than my luck with them sucks, but hey here is where the cnc aluminum comes into effect. because all mags in theory to begin with should run at least in begin, longevity and the maintaining of the actual mags tight dimensions and obviously the sickness of having alum. real deal mags.
Link Posted: 6/15/2009 6:39:17 AM EST
I like the idea. Even better, you should team up with diforuchi and make mags that will work with his bulk sort loader and sell them as a package.

Who wants to be a millionare?
Link Posted: 6/15/2009 7:06:56 AM EST
Originally Posted By jason934:
I like the idea. Even better, you should team up with diforuchi and make mags that will work with his bulk sort loader and sell them as a package.

Who wants to be a millionare?

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