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Posted: 3/14/2011 4:54:57 PM EST
Any one out there doing nitre bluing? I’m set up to do Parkerizing and hot bluing but was thinking about doing some nitre bluing and was wandering what others are using for a heat source? The only thing I plan on nitre bluing are screws and small parts and since lead melts at around 600 degrees and to get a dark blue on carbon steel temperature needs to be around 570 is there any reason why a new electric lead melting pot like the ones used for casting bullets would not work for nitre bluing?
Link Posted: 3/16/2011 3:22:16 PM EST
I have a little experience with nitre bluing. I have blued screws, pins, and even a couple of grip safeties. I used a small metal dish on top of an electric range. It was just barely able to reach the necessary temperatures, and I did it in the dead of the winter, so I wouldn't over heat the house. I think my results were pretty good.

I have heard of others using your plan. One fellow used a Lee casting pot filled with salt peter, and said he got good results.

If I understand your post, you are thinking of using lead. It should be easy to obtain a consistent temperature with this approach. I meant to try it last fall when I was casting bullets, but other things got in the way.

Be sure and let us know how it works out. Steel floats in lead, so even if it doesn't work, you have only lost a little time from a bullet casting session.

Different alloys melt at different temperatures, some thing to consider.
Link Posted: 3/16/2011 6:01:00 PM EST
I have the nitre bluing salts and actually wanted to know if it would work to use them in a electric lead melting pot like the LEE ones. I figured since lead melts at around 600 than the melting pot should get hot enough to get the proper color I’m looking for I hope it works because I ordered a lee pot today from midway only $32 so if it does not work than I will have it for casting bullets. I was originally going to use a electric hot plate an a ¼ bluing tank but did not think I would get the heat out of it and from the reading I have done it looks like just being of by 10 degrees will change the color and I was not sure if a gas burner would be as consistent as electric.
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