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1/27/2021 12:46:26 AM
Posted: 3/14/2005 6:03:30 PM EST
Hi, I recently got myself a Remington 870 Super Magnum shotgun to go along with my Ruger 10/22 and AR15, just fleshing out the collection. Problem is, it's a 26" Barrel with the Rem Modified Choke. I'm looking for a barrel that is a little shorter, say in the 20-22" range with the 3 1/2" Chamber and Improved Cylinder Choke (I want to shoot shot and slugs out of it), but Remington doesn't seem to sell one!

Now, my first question is, would it be my best bet to sell the 26" Barrel off and go looking for a 3 1/2" Chambered 20-22" Barrel? Or should I have the barrel cut down by a gunsmith and have an improved cylinder choke worked into it?

Second question would be, how many 12ga shells fit in a .50cal Ammo can? Any ideas from you ammo stockpilers?

Third, how hard is it to install a mag extension tube on an 870 Express? I'm assuming I just knock out the dimples and screw the extension in. Is that it?

Link Posted: 3/14/2005 8:03:21 PM EST
In order:

I don't think there IS a 20" to 22" barrel available for the Super Magnum at all.
The Super Mag is a gun specifically made for shooting high-flying game birds like geese, and few people want a shorter barrel.
Shorter barrels may be offered at a later time, but not now.

So, your best bet is to have a longer barrel shortened.

Can't help with number of shells to a can.

You basically have the idea on the magazine extension, but the dimple area MUST be smooth, so you have to do more than just "knock them off".

You can drill them out, or grind them off, but the area must be smoothed with a Dremel tool or hand-held abrasives until there are NO remnants of the dimples left, and the shells feed smoothly.
Link Posted: 3/14/2005 8:05:17 PM EST
well, i'm no expert, but i'll chime in.
1) why do u want a 20-22 inch anyway.  i see no point in a shotgun barrel over 18 inches.  an 18 barrel will be accurate to a hundred yards with slugs. if you need more distance, u have the wrong weapon.  it's heavier and by simple physics, takes more time to switch targets.
2) yes, getting an extention is a simple matter of drilling or grinding away the bumps.  wilson combat has everything you need.
good luck with what you choose, it's your gun and you're the one who has to use it. just remember: with shotguns, less is more.
Link Posted: 3/14/2005 9:25:06 PM EST
Thanks for the replies so far. Ordered a sidesaddle 6-shell mount, Wilson Combat forend, 2 snap caps, and a boresnake for it. Still wondering how many 12ga shells fit in a .50BMG Can. Any reccomendations on a stock? I'm thinking Speedfeed, but not sure. I want something pistol gripped. Also, anyone have any experience with the Cheaperthandirt shotshell bandolier?
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 11:33:02 AM EST

Just to share with you my experiences with the Rem 870 Super Mag...

I have settled on a pair of Remington Super Mags (these guns will shoot all 12 guage ammo from 2 3/4", to 3" to 3 1/2" shells so You can bust clay pidgons with low brass or nail Waterfowl or Turkey with 3 1/2" magnum hunting loads equal to 10 guage!.

You can get a Remington Slug Bbl (which is a 20" bbl with rifle sights on top) which you can use for hunting Hogs, Deer or Bear, and also is just the ticket for Home Security too!  This bbl is not 3.5" but you don't need 3.5" for slugs or buckshot!  (have you fired many 3.5" magnum shells from your gun yet??  If you have (assuming your shoulder has healed by now) you know that 3.5" recoil is painful and slows down your firing.   2 3/4" and 3" will do EVERYTHING you need and will be ammo you can actually find (Don't see much 3.5" buckshot or slugs around do you?)  Regarding a shorter 3.5" bbl, Remington used to make a 870 Super Mag in Turkey configuration (believe it had a 22" or 23" bbl)  You might contact Remington to see about buying a replacement bbl from them, but if you want to keep your gun for Bird Hunting I'd stick with the longer bbl for hunting, and the 20" slug bbl for defense / big game!  I would NOT cut down your 26" bbl.  You will have cylinder (NO) choke left!

Regardign the Mag Tube, You can have your gunsmith iron out the dimples with a magazine tube press (fits inside the tube and will remove the dimples without leaving holes like drilling out the dimples will.  I'd stick with a Remington L.E. mag extension or a Wison.  Give most everything else a wide bearth!

Stocks, I'll say the very same thing I always say (every fricking time I post it seems!! - You are right Dawg 180 I really DO need to start saving these on a cut and paste!!) GET A KNOXX COMP STOCK - IT IS THE BEST MONEY YOU WILL EVER SPEND ON A 870 SUPER MAG!!!!   (Oops I did it again!!!)  It is just Flat Out Amazing how it takes ALL the pain and bruising out of shooting those super stout loads!  I can shoot box after box of heavy recoiling shells without getting beat to a pulp (B.T.W. I'm 6'3" 250 lb former M.P. Shotgun Instructor S.F.C. so I'm no dainty pantywaist when it comes to recoil!)  It was THE Best Money I've ever spent (less than $90 and I got the forearm inclued for free too!  The stocks and forearms are covered in a sticky dimpled rubber (like a Hogue grip)  very tactical and extremely practical!  I'd send back the Wilson front end, (you don't need it if you have the Knoxx set) and use that money to get a Rem L.E. Mag extension for your gun!

You really should try a Knoxx COMP-stock (this is the fixed - non folder (their folder stock is called a COP stock but I recommend that 99% of folks stay away from folders - whole 'nuther thread!!) from CaCrusin on the AR15.com E.E. or at Knoxx.com.  Knoxx has just come out with a pistol gripped version, so if you want a pistol grip for your 870 stock, you have the option.   My own personal preference is that I now stay away from the speedfeed stocks (assuming you are talking about the ones with the shell carriers built into the side of the stocks right?) because they do tend to beat up both you and the shells held in the stock under recoil!)  That was what I found on the Speedfeeds that I owned - I sold all mine and use Knoxx on my guns!).  Speedfeed products are well made, and many shooters on AR15.com do like them,(different strokes for different folks I guess!) but if you are going with a sidesaddle, you already in a much better situation.  You have your extra 6 shells ready to GO (they are right there next to the loading port rather than having to flip your shotgun all about trying to get four shells out from both sides of your stock!

If you don't believe me about the difference the Knoxx stocks make, just post a new thread asking if Knoxx Comp Stocks Work and if the shooters who own one feel it was worth the money - You will get a L-O-T of confirmations that the Knoxx COMP stocks are Pure MoJo Magic in making a powerful shotgun easy and fun to shoot by taking the pain and battery out of shooting!  I have bet all my friends that if they didn't love their Knoxx Comp Stocks that I would buy them from them plus  add in some extra $$$ for their time.  I now have 4 buddies who enjoy shooting their 870s with the Knoxx stocks and  who wouldn't part with them now that they have experienced the difference!!

Official Disclaimer - B.T.W. I have NOTHING to do with the Knoxx company in anyway, except that I am a Very Happy and Satisfied User of their poducts!!

The Remington 870 really is the 350 Chevy of shotguns, in that there are endless numbers of accessories for everything you could imagine, and countless other accessories that you could never imagine existed but someone makes it for the Rem 870!

Remington guns are easy to configure for Hunting, Home and everything inbetween!

Hope this helps!

Link Posted: 3/15/2005 1:39:39 PM EST
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