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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/7/2003 8:14:01 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/7/2003 8:16:44 PM EDT by magnum_99]
My DSA STG-58A arrived today. Took it to the range and got my first good look at it.

The fit and finish is flawless. Looks like it was made yesterday. How those are surplus Austrian parts I'll never figure.

The park finish seems very thick and tough. Definitely mil-spec. Already couple of ham handed things I did would have resulted in a scratch had the finish not been so tough.

I got the short version of the STG muzzle brake with the std. barrel. Not so long and unweildy as the long brake.

I took some time to clean the rifle before firing. The barrel and chamber were slightly dirty (from test firing I presume) but cleaned up quickly.

After a thorough once over, I loaded an old TAPCO mag with 20 rounds of Port .308.

From the get go the STG ran great. 20 rounds without a hiccup. I fired at a big taget 100 yards downrange. Shoots about 6" high at 100 yards and the 5 shot group was about 3.5"--not bad for surplus Port with iron sights.

I shot another 5 shot 3" group after aiming lower and getting used to the trigger. I bet it would do 1.5" (minimum) with match ammo and a scope.

The trigger is heavy but smooth--FAL typical I understand.

The handguards get HOT after about 30 rounds. Likely will get some cheapie synthetic handguards for shooting.

I like the bipod and the way it nestles up against the handguards though. It works pretty well.

After 100 rounds, the innerds were barely dirty. That is a HUGE change from the AR. Take off the top cover and everything is exposed for cleaning. I HATE cleaning that little dirty bastard AR. I can acutally get to the FAL's chamber to get it completely clean. Such a nice change of pace.

Finally, the FAL is lighter than I expected and carries well. It doesn't quite match the effortless ergonomics of an AR (not much does IMO) but it's more than adequate.

This is one of the nicest rifles out there for less than $1000. In fact, I wouldn't spend the extra $300-400 on a std. SA58! It's that nice.

AND, the loud slap that .308 makes against a gong at 400 yards v. the wimpy little plink of .223 has made me a believer!
Link Posted: 8/8/2003 4:48:01 AM EDT
Thank you for the range report. Sounds like a great rifle. Do you mind saying how much it cost? Also, not that it's that big a deal, but is there a chrome chamber and bore?
Link Posted: 8/8/2003 7:37:07 AM EDT
when I asked DSA about my STG58 they told me it had a chrome chamber but not a chrome bore
Link Posted: 8/8/2003 9:26:02 AM EDT
I have recently purchased one, and I am extremely happy with it. I have only put about five hundred rounds through it, and absolutely no problems.
Link Posted: 8/8/2003 12:17:32 PM EDT
I paid $815 shipped. My dealer let me purchase at his cost (did me a favor).

I was under the impression that the bore and chamber were NOT chromed, but I'm not entirely certain.

It's a "surplus" Styer barrel, so it's whatever they used.

After getting home last night, I took her apart for a full cleaning.

Wow. Hardly any powder residue or anything. Was TOO easy to clean. The barrel was dirty of course but cleaned up pretty easy. Once I got it clean, I looked down the bore with a light and the lands and grooves are nice and defined and the bore is SHINY. Like a brand new barrel.

I can't say enough about this FAL.
Link Posted: 8/8/2003 4:07:25 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/8/2003 4:08:38 PM EDT by raf]
Link Posted: 8/8/2003 10:35:03 PM EDT
I've had mine for 'bout 2 months, just ran some SA through it last Sunday am. It is a great shootin' weapon. I followed the DSA break in method and then shot 3 mags, back to back. Had 1 hang up, and for some reason, the gas knob rotated on it's own. (it was factory set @4) I dialed to 5 and had no problems thereafter. (except for the heat thing) I think I'll keep this one! Hey magnum, The AR is STILL a nice piece. I was skippin' cans @ about 75 yds. A lot easier following up with that "little dirty bastard AR"
Link Posted: 8/10/2003 4:06:30 PM EDT

Originally Posted By raf:
I suggest you get the synthetic handguards from DSA, with the bipod reliefs.
FWIW, when ordering my StG58, I consulted with DSA, and they deleted the metal handguards and gave me a break on the synthetics.
With the ambi mag catch and ambi safety I made, it gives up nothing in ergonomics to the AR.

I was thinking the same thing.

Are the DSA handguards worth the $49 or would some chepie Tapco's do the same thing?
Link Posted: 8/10/2003 4:22:16 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/10/2003 4:23:56 PM EDT by raf]
Link Posted: 8/10/2003 5:29:37 PM EDT
The "cheapies" from Tapco, as long as they are surplus synthetics, would be fine, just don't expect pristine examples. Most FAL's around the world were used pretty hard.

The DSA handguards have gotten alot better apparently over the years, some of them wouldn't line up right at the top where the screw went, and you had to use a little judicious force with a hammer to align them.

Currently, no real bitching about the new ones, and they count as a US part if you wanted to use a foreign part on something that is currently US made on the rifle.

You might also consider getting a walnut buttstock or a synthetic "humpback" style. I prefer them to the Austrian straight comb stock, which is alot like a HK G3 stock. Doesn't fit me AS well, although it certainly isn't "bad". The humpback style just fits me much better.

Here's my StG-58A before and after the intsallation of walnut furniture.

Link Posted: 8/10/2003 6:09:29 PM EDT
FALs generally heat up pretty quickly, regardless. I usually wear gloves when I bring mine to the range...it really helps. After 90 or 100 rounds, I put it down to let it cool off for a while (this is why I bring 2-3 rifles each time )...once it's cool, I let the others cool and bang on that one again.

Link Posted: 8/10/2003 6:17:32 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/10/2003 6:17:43 PM EDT by Hokie]
I didn't realize how fast the STG's heated up either.

Let go of a couple 20 rounders real quick and it got real hot real fast.
Link Posted: 8/10/2003 11:18:34 PM EDT
How was the muzzle brake on your STG? Very loud? Did it help with recoil? Thanks.
Link Posted: 8/11/2003 2:21:34 AM EDT
yeah the brake helped with recoil, alot. I'm guessing shooting the FAL without a brake would be a completely different experience.
Link Posted: 8/11/2003 5:42:31 AM EDT
Actually, I have found that FAL's without muzzle brakes are still very comfortable to shoot.

My preban Springfield SAR-48 PARA has a flassh suppressor, not a muzzle brake and it doesn't kick any harder than the StG-58A.
Link Posted: 8/11/2003 10:39:20 AM EDT
Well, it does kick. I have a bruise on my little girly shoulder from firing 5 mags the other day.

My PSS (.308) seems to kick less but maybe the butt is softer--I don't know.

Maybe it's that I've never put 100 rounds through the PSS in 1/2 hour!

It definitely louder than the PSS but not terribly loud. I can clearly hear the thwack of the round on a gong at 100 yards.

I may add a foam recoil pad just to make it more pleasant for those longer sessions.

The muzzle climbs some but not too bad. Overall, it's fairly benign to shoot.
Link Posted: 8/11/2003 11:38:38 AM EDT
I want one really bad - a FAL that is. But $1000 is too much for me at this time.
Link Posted: 8/11/2003 1:01:59 PM EDT
Last Wednesday, I put 160 rounds down range in about 90 minutes with two different FALs. One was my light weight and the other was the Para. No bruising. In fact, I shot 150 targets at the sporting clays range the next day. These things really are not that bad.

On the handguards... if you want to retain the look of the STG, take a look at Tapco's cheap-ass forend. Its plastic but looks like the STG. I've got it on my LW and have not beeen able to heat it to the point where I couldn't hold it.
Link Posted: 8/19/2003 1:05:36 PM EDT
I'm embarrassed to say that after having my DSA Stg58 for 3 months now, I've still only put less than 400 rounds through it. I just don't get out enough and I like to shoot a little with everything so I only go through a few mags each time. It runs flawlessly on 4 and functions pretty well on 5 as well with the port. The recoil is very tame and not much more difficult to handle than the AR. After shooting the SAR-1, the Stg58 is a relief. I guess I should get a new stock for the AK and maybe a recoil buffer. By far the best buy I've found so far. The only problem is I still can't pull off the top cover.
Link Posted: 8/19/2003 1:22:10 PM EDT
Well nevermind, I just yanked it off and cut the hell out of myright middle finger so im typing this with one hand. Guess i'll call the doc and ask what he thinks. doesnt seem to stop bleeding
Link Posted: 8/19/2003 2:19:27 PM EDT

Originally Posted By mstirton:
Well nevermind, I just yanked it off and cut the hell out of myright middle finger so im typing this with one hand. Guess i'll call the doc and ask what he thinks. doesnt seem to stop bleeding

You lucky, lucky bastard! I've been trying for months to earn my WECSOG degree and I am one artery away form my diploma. Now all you have to do is build one and you've got it!
Link Posted: 8/19/2003 2:38:29 PM EDT

Originally Posted By clean_cut:
I want one really bad - a FAL that is. But $1000 is too much for me at this time.

$795 for a DSA STG-58 at FAC
Link Posted: 8/19/2003 4:05:14 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Mbsk01:

$795 for a DSA STG-58 at FAC

Wow, and it doesn't even have to be a 'group buy' err... sale

Matter of fact it's even cheaper single quanity!
Link Posted: 8/20/2003 9:08:49 AM EDT
3 damn stitches and no basketball or golf for a week
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