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Posted: 12/30/2001 7:53:09 AM EDT
DECEMBER 30, 00:10 ET
Man Carrying Ammunition Arrested

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — Jamaican authorities arrested an American who tried to board an Atlanta-bound flight with rounds of ammunition in his hand luggage, police said Saturday.

Donald Barnes, 34, of Atlanta, was not carrying a weapon, Jamaica's National Police said. A police statement said Barnes was arrested Friday in the coastal resort town of Montego Bay after police who searched his hand luggage at a security checkpoint found six rounds of handgun ammunition.

Barnes was charged with a weapons violation and was being held at a police station, the statement said.
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 7:58:54 AM EDT
I use an old US Army aviator's helmet bag for some of my range stuff (sandbags, spotter, rest) and some magazines. I took the bag with me to Disneyworld to carry some of my daughter's stuff. Just before we left the house, I decided to check the bag one last time, and found 3 5.56mm cartridges left in one of the inside pockets. Lucky. Just goes to show that you can never be TOO careful.
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 8:41:27 AM EDT
And those drug/firearms sniffing dogs are gonna have a wet dream over your range bag.
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 8:52:06 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Arock:
And those drug/firearms sniffing dogs are gonna have a wet dream over your range bag.

OH YEAH!!! - I work @ a secure installation and the dogs go nuts over the trunk of my car! There's no telling how much powder/residue has been ground into that carpet over the years.
Link Posted: 12/31/2001 11:57:06 AM EDT
i was carrying a dillon range bag back from Las vegas a few years back and some electronic thing went nuts over it--they took it asside--rubbed something over it that looked like a coffee filter--stuck the filter looking thing in a machine of some sort and then sent me on my way and never opened the bag....all they would have found would have been some once fired AA hulls--i don't leave nothing on the ground,,,,,Dick
Link Posted: 12/31/2001 12:01:24 PM EDT
My wife and I get checked for gunpowder on our hands and bags everytime we fly. I always get to the airport early and make sure I'm wearing my Glock or GOA shirt and we get the full treatment, were waiting to see if someday we don't get the gunpowder test.
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