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Posted: 9/20/2009 3:12:21 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/20/2009 4:05:14 PM EST by Dolomite_Supafly]
I am in the process of building a Savage in 45 ACP. It is going to be used mainly to deal with problem animals. I will mostly use handloads but still have the ability to use factory ammo. I didn't plan un using a flash suppresser or muzzle brake.

I will be starting with a blank that is 1.25" in diameter. The muzzle will be .920 so I can use Tech Sights for the front sights. I have contacted various sight manufactures with my specs for the rear sights so that is being worked out. The rear of the barrel just ahead of the receiver needs to stay 1" for about 4" but I can't decide what diameter the area between the Tech Sights and just forward of the chamber should be.

The barrel will be 17" long with approximately 15.5" hanging out of the receiver. Question I have is on which contour looks best. I am torn between all three choices but am leading towards choice A. I would just like to get some other input from others.

I have been thinking of three options and whatever I choose it will be a straight taper.

Choice A:
.920 from the muzzle to the area just ahead of the chamber.

Choice B:
Straight 1" taper except the muzzle which is .920 for the Tech Sights

Choice C:
1" just ahead of the chamber, .920 at the muzzle for the Tech Sights and .75" in the are between.

Here is a rough drawing to kind of illustrate how it may look. It is not to scale but hopefully it will give some idea of how it will look when completed.

Thanks for your thoughts on this
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