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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/24/2001 5:20:37 AM EST
I have a Beretta 1934 that I would like to find out about. After doing a little searching, I found out that it is a Italian Military Model made in 1939. It has the proof mark of the "Regia Esercito" which I am assuming is the Italian Army since the other marks are for the "Regia Aeronautica", "Regia Marine", or "Publica Sicurezza" (which I know is police). That only leaves Army by my figuring.
The gun is marked on the left by:
P Beretta 9 corta -Mo 1934 Bervatto
Gardone V.T. 1939- XVII
On the hammer spur there is a crown with one spike coming out of the center with the letters RE underneath. (This is the "Regia Esercito mark I spoke of.)
Down by the lanyard ring (which looks to be used by the way), there is a X in a box with the number 55 in the top crux of the X.

On the right side:
There is a AG39 and another faint marking.
Near the trigger guard there is a rhombus on its side with some lettering or symbols inside it.
Near the mag release there looks to be an arrowhead, a large 1, and a smaller 1.
The gun is serial number 7755** and the frame and slide numbers match.

I would appreciate any info or websites that may shed some light on this gun for me. Also, how rare is it and what is it worth? I traded a SW9m for it.
One more thing, were these guns ever marked with Nazi markings? My father had one that appeared to have the Nazi eagle on it instead of the crown. (Someone had attempted to grind it off.) I know some Nazis carried these because I saw a picture in a museum of a Nazi executing a Russian with one.

Link Posted: 11/24/2001 6:33:30 AM EST
Troy --

Your markings all seem to match what's expected:

9mm short caliber [.380ACP]. The slide should be marked 'P. Beretta Cal. 9 Corto-Mo 1934 Brevet Gardone VT' followed by the date of manufacture that was given numerically, followed by a Roman numeral that denoted the year of manufacture on the Fascist calendar which began in 1922. RM = Navy, RE = Army, RA = Air Force, PS = police.

If it was marked 9mm Scurt (not 9mm Corto) it'd be a Rumanian contract pistol.

Italian models worth $350 like new. Add $100 for the Rumanian.

-- Chuck
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