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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/11/2003 5:19:39 AM EST
Ok. First, her description. We are talking about a VERY skiny lady. She is all of 119 lbs, and stand 5'8".
What she needs is, something to allow her to carry lots of pistol mags.
She is getting ready to get her new carbine, which uses pistol mags. I am trying to set up some kind of LIGHT weight non bulky rig for her, that will allow her to carry approx 6 pistol mags for her carbine, and then 2 for her handgun. I was thinking of starting with something like the Tactical Tailor 2 piece vest body. Then putting a triple mag pouch on eachside. A double pistol mag pouch could be a put on a belt, opposite her handgun.
One of my concerns though, is that there is enough adjustment in the lower part of the assembly, so that it wont flop around on her body.
Brad, anyone? Suggestions...thoughts?
Link Posted: 8/11/2003 5:51:47 AM EST
I've got a 2-piece MAV from TT and I think it's be loose on anybody with less than a 30" waist unless they were wearing a heavy jacket or armor or something. Even then, the panels will be wrapped so far around their waist that there'll be several inches of unusable panel because they won't be able to reach all the way around.
Link Posted: 8/12/2003 5:15:47 AM EST
I did something similar for my wife,9mm pistol/ carbine combo.
I rigged up a pistolbelt with H-harness.Strong side has a Bianchi Mil holster on a drop leg with a two mag holder above it.I added some velcro to the mag pouch and the holster flap so the flap will stay open.Weak side has a drop platform that holds 4-30 rd mags,mag pouches have pals web on them so I can mount pouches(smokers,FA,etc.) on top if I want.

Behind the pistol is a Kbar,buttpack w/ 2 canteens in the rear.
Instead of the typical M-16 3 mag pouches I took a BHI? smg pouch that was designed for the drop leg,and mounted it to the pistol belt with the lower set of straps,so the mags ride high up on the chest,attached to the h-harness.I have one 4X30 magpouch setup for her weak side and would like to set up another for the strong.I fill the rest of the pistol belt real estate with a FA kit and 10 rd (SW 669,doublestack compact for the missus)pistol mags.

I have a buttload of SW mags so there is a 8X30 bandolier setup with fastex(for hanging outside a pack,or from pistol belt hangers like I use for my buttpacks) or on a shoulder strap.

My wife is about the size of yours,and this was by far the most comfortable to work with.We experimented with the dropleg gear on the belt,but there was too much interference while wearing a pack hipbelt.
(I also have a 'shorty' ALICE rig built for her,both aluminum and plastic,you can see some pics at geardo.com forums.)I will take a pic of her setup and try to post it here asap.I just picked up what I know is a BHI smg pouch,but it is too short for s&w30's,so I am modding it to fit,I will try to knock that out too so I can mount it.

Link Posted: 8/14/2003 7:17:17 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/14/2003 7:21:20 AM EST by BulletcatchR]
Dusted off the missus' rig and put her thru some drills....the way I had the 30 rounders setup by her chest made it impossible for her to draw a mag without 'uncoiling' her torso if she was in any kind of tactical stance.Mounting them horizontally or angled is out,she's just too small diameter.

I studied the situation and decided that the long mags should stay on the drop leg,I am ciphering out a mega 6/12 mag 'stackable' unit,that can unhook and become a bandolier.

I did a little search for pistol magpouches,and found what I thought to be a great deal,and a solution to my magpouch mounting.(With buttpack,canteens, knife and drop leg extenders,there is only 5" of belt space left on each side of her belt...).

LF has Paraclete quad magpouches for 24$(6$ per mag for TOP quality),it has palsweb attachment so I can steal one for my OTV,hehehe. I am going to mount four of those horizontally,2 on each side,openings facing in, from the pistol belt up to the H-harness strap.I will have to gear up a panel with vertical pals strips and some kind of belt loops,but it's pretty basic with no fancy math involved.
This will set her up with 16 X 15 rd. mags(if twenties fit I'll use those),on her lbe.

It would be easy and cheap to get a FLC or some surplus pals vest,and cut it down to fit,and set her up with a modular system.I have some 'kydex' quikdraw magholders it would be nice to have space for acouple of those'behind' the rack of magpouches.

I am waiting for the mag pouches before I build my panels,and will post a pic after.

Link Posted: 8/25/2003 5:07:18 PM EST
Knowing the type of rifle and size of mag would help a lot. Are we talking a Camp carbine or an UZI.

My wife is 120 lbs and is 5'4" tall. I set up a rig for her originaly for our HK-94. Because of her size and shape a vest was out. I took a standard belt sized medium and built from there. I found a set of the old Nam era suspenders that were small enough to fit her properly. We then added two standard 3 30 round mag pouches, one on each side of center. A Bianchi holster to the right side, a first aid kit to the left, a butt pouch and two canteens on either side of the butt pouch. The strait MP5 mags fit 4 each to the mag pouches. So with two clamped on the rifle she has a total of 10 30 round mags. We have been talking about getting a thigh holster for her just have not done it.

A few months ago she decided that she likes the AR-15 over the 94. Nice thing is she does not have to change her rig. She just goes from 10 mags to 7. If we get her a thigh holster we will add an other mag pouch.
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