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Posted: 7/2/2012 4:42:09 PM EDT
Okay guys I just started uniformity my PP's and I've got some questions. First off, what depth should my primers be seating at? After uniformity and seating 10 cases I'm getting .010" below the case head. I was always told .005-.008" is what I've done to much or not? Second, when I'm reaming the pocket out using my trim mate the reamer seams to get caught up on the PP walls, is this normal or am I just being to aggressive? Lastly, if I do need to adjust this thing whats the best method you have come up with to accurately measure the change.
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Ten thousandths is too much. About .003 to .004" is about right and I prefer no more than .005". At this depth from the case head to the seated primer the entire primer pocket bottom may not be cut clean and some may not be even touched. But most will be touched and old primer debris will be removed. Like said, to cut the pocket bottom pefectly flat down to new metal you would have to go a little deeper than a.004" gap. Most factory cases have the primer pockets at the correct depth, some will have a little raised area in the middle, and you will find some that are shallow and your uniformer will cut out some metal. Not a precision match loader here and don't know how deep they would cut to get a perfect primer pocket bottom??  Plus I don't know if any benefit would be gained by cutting deeper just to get a perfectly cut bottom? Best way to adjust your cutter is to use a case that has a primer pocket that is formed to the correct depth and insert the uniformer into the pocket until it touches the bottom and lock the cutter. Then your cutter will cut any that have shallower pockets or clean high spots on others. Most shooters do not notice any difference in perfectly cut pocket bottoms. To me the goal is to cut any shallow pockets so I will not end up with any high primers. The uniformer is also a perfect tool to clean primer debris. If your tool is dragging while turning in the pockets your primer crimp if any hasn't been completely removed. Also I've noticed that powered cutters tend to pick up brass on the sides and get tight in the pockets. A smooth fine stone held to the sides while turning in your machine will clean up the sides of the cutter. Don't nick your cutting edges though.  You'll not gain a thing by cutting pocket bottoms deeper just to get a perfectly cut bottom and you may lose some reliability if primers are seated too deep?
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Are the RCBS adjustable?
When I broke one a couple years back, I called in and tried to buy just the bit, but the tech said I had to return it so they could set it at the proper depth.

I have a large and a small, but never tried to adjust them.  

Hell,  I couldn't even get the broken part of out of the one I broke, now that I think about it.
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Link Posted: 7/4/2012 6:49:31 AM EDT
Remember that the PPU in large come in two versions one for LP and one for LR.  Whereas, the PPU for small rifle and pistol is the same.
Unless you have precision masuring tools and primer pocket specifications I would suggest you leave the tuning and set to the factory.
RCBS is one of he best at customer service, let them to the check and tune up.
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