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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/19/2003 8:26:53 PM EST
First a little background. Up until recently, I have been using an USGI LBV, the enhanced version to be exact, to carry mags and what not. It it didn't balance load very well and is not very durable but it worked ok for what I needed it for and was cheap compared to tac vest offerings. So being the cheapskate that I am, I picked up one of those BHI vests that galls had on sale. As of right now, without having the chance yet to put it through it paces, it looks like it will work for me and it is nice that you can use it to carry ak and fal mags, which will simplify my gear selection considerably.

There are only few real problems I see with it as of right now. First the pockets are not properly pleated at the bottom so that when two mags are inserted, the vest panel becomes somewhat deformed and if you are wearing it tight against a t-shirt could become uncomfortable over time. Seems like they got this right on USGI stuff, can't figure out why they can't on this vest. They could also have made the velcro on the pocket extend further down so that if you were using shorter mags you could still keep the strap tight against the top of the mag.

Those concerns though are fairly minor, what is bothering me the most right now is the way the shoulder strap setup works to adjust the vest for torso height. With a 3-point sling, either using patrol or drop carry, the sling will snag on the ends of the shoulder straps when I bring the rifle up to my shoulder. Since I like to keep the sling with as little slack as possible, this doesn't allow me to get a proper shoulder weld unless I really pull on the sling which then wedges itself under the shoulder strap causing the velcro to become undone.

I have noticed that other brands of tac vests use the same method for adjusting the height of the vest. Was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if they found an easy work around or fix. I guess I could loose up the sling some, but then it will hang too low on me. I have thought about just tapeing down the ends of the straps for right now as a quick fix so that the sling could slip over, but that would not work so well in the long run. Could also sew them down but that would pretty much ruin the adjustability.

Also thought about sewing a strap of nylon across the back of the vest that would cover the ends of the straps. This would be left open on the top so that the straps could fit in and sewn shut on the bottom so the sling wouldn't snag. The main problem with this would be that the top alice clip attachment strap would be partially covered over making it useless. If anyone else has any insight I would really appreciate it.
Link Posted: 9/19/2003 9:12:12 PM EST
I've never really had that problem too much, but if it's really bothersome, you could remove the hooks portion of the velcro, make a cut or two and sew straps and sliders like the British PLCE vests. That could be a possiblity.
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