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Posted: 10/19/2004 4:02:18 PM EDT
I'm planning on buying a CETME or G3 semi-auto in the next few weeks. After some research, I'm pretty sure that the CETME is the way I'm gonna go, due to lower cost of the CETME, which is so close to the G3/HK91 that the extra cost just isn't worth it to me. I do have a few questions that I hope others that are more experienced can assist me with, though.

As this type of rifle requires special tools (hydraulic press, welder, etc.) to build, I must go with the Century made rifles. I am very aware of the Century quality control (or lack thereof), but I understand it's been much better of late. The companies that I've seen advertise these rifles list them available in the following configurations:

CETME w/ black plastic furniture & stamped receiver
CETME w/ wood furniture & cast stainless receiver
CETME w/ plastic furniture (Camoflage) & stamped receiver

The first one is $50 cheaper than the other two.

I really like the wood furniture, but I'll settle for the black plastic if I must. The major consideration is the receiver: which would be better, the cast stainless, or the stamped? Since both are probably Century-made, would there really be a difference?

NOTE: I cannot afford to have a rifle built. I can barely afford to buy the Century ones. Please do not post telling me to get a (insert favourite maker here) reciever and parts set, or have someone else build it. I can't do it.

Next: I would like to know what ammo to buy to test in this rifle. I plan to reload for it in the future (as well as for my pistols), but the press has to wait several months while I recover from buying several rifles. I understand that surplus ammo is no longer readily available, or at least not US military surplus. As the CETME has a NATO chamber, and due to the action type of these rifles, I understand .308 Winchester is certainly NOT recommended, as the case head will either be torn off, or there may be a danger of case rupture with the thinner brass in commercial ammo in this caliber. What options do I have for self-defence, SHTF ammo storage/quasi-military use, weapons training, etc? I need good ammo that's as inexpensive as possible, preferable boxer primed and brass cased so I can reload the cases in the future.

Also, is there a website/sites where I can find the answers to some of these questions, especially my ammo concerns? Is there anything else I should know before plunking down my limited funds?

Thanks in advance for your opinions/suggestions
Link Posted: 10/19/2004 4:14:20 PM EDT
Go to www.cetmerifles.com there's much info to be digested on that site. I would go with the cast s.s.receiver I've heard there tends to be less problems with those. The best surplus out there now is the Austrialian,Portugese is very good too. I haven't noticed any shortage of ammo at gun shows. I just picked up a 1000 rds. of Portugese for $160. Aussie is a little more.
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 10:50:56 AM EDT
OK, one vote for the cast SS receiver. Thanks!

That's good to know that the so-called "ammo shortage" has turned out to be less than truthful. I don't know if surplus 7.62 NATO is the best for long-term storage (there is usually a reason that country's military surplused the ammo - changed to a different rifle/caliber, improper storage of the ammo, some of it was damaged, etc.), but it should be fine for range use at least. I'll have to find out something else to use for long term storage, but that's another topic.

Anyone else with an opinion?
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 11:34:17 AM EDT
If you decide to go the G3 route, check out Ohio Rapid Fire. I have one of their G3s and it has run great from day one. About $600 which is twice what a Cetme will cost, but you'll know it was built by guys who know what they're doing.

BTW... I want a Cetme too.....
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 1:22:48 PM EDT
gunboards fr8/cetme forum
mwdg3's site
drzeros site
rafa site

list goes on..
ammo ,,surplus only,,, will eat civvy brass but not all the time,,STAY away from indian

getthe wood set,, or a stamped w/wood,,, the cast is nice but has its issues same as the stamped....
Link Posted: 10/24/2004 3:43:09 AM EDT
Yeah, I'd love to get a G3, let alone a WELL-MADE one, but funds prohibit such extravagance. I'm quite sure they will continue to for many years to come, barring a freak lottery windfall - and I don't play the lottery!

As the receiver/furniture combos are limited, I think I'm going to go with the stamped receiver and the black plastic furniture. I'll pick up a wood stock set separately, and that way I can refinish it (if needed) without putting the rifle out of commission for a month. Just disassemble, and reassemble with the wood.

This way is actually cheaper than buying the cast stainless receiver w/ wood stocks, I've discovered! I've found a couple of people who sell CETME stocks (as well as many other parts & such) for less than the $50 extra premium over the base model CETME.

This works out well for me, too. This way I get TWO stocks - the pretty one, and the plastic/beat it to hell/functional in a SHTF/- one. Now I just gotta come up with the funds to BUY the rifle & stocks, and then I gotta figure out a place to store the unused stocks when the other's on the rifle.... Hmmmmm.....

Thanks a lot for the opinions. It always helps to get the info from those who've been there.
Link Posted: 10/24/2004 7:29:36 AM EDT

Save your pennys and buy a PTR-91.

The CIA's are such a crap shoot that it's not funny.

Link Posted: 10/24/2004 8:38:36 AM EDT
Some people will always knock a Cetme, but I have been extremely happy with mine. I went with the Cetme Sporter, and have done a little work to it. The biggest find was the collapsable stock (gunbroker for $160). I picked up the wood set in really rough appearance, but refinished it myself. I have always liked the look of wood on a rifle. The wide handguard was a MUST have as the sporter handguard came with no heat shield and the barrel WILL get hot. My first trip out with the wideguard saw 158 rounds down range in under 10 minutes. Talk about smokin hear
PS: I hope the pictures below work. I am still working out the bugs in a new camera.



Link Posted: 10/24/2004 10:03:43 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/24/2004 10:05:04 AM EDT by Shi_Huang_Di]
As RsteinB said for the money they are great shooters, but it is a crapshoot. RsteinB, my brother, another buddy and my self all have a CETME. We all have has some minor problems like mag seating correctly etc.

Since so many of us picked these up and shot them at different times we did see a major difference in 100 round, 200, 300 and so on. The break-in is several hundred rounds. We have put in all around 15 cases (cans) of Indian, 3 cases (creates) of SB, and several Portuguese (myself only). Every one of us inspects the Indian close when we load mags, and 1 in 50 has a bad crimp or bent slug.

If you go to the range three times a year or shoot long range definitely get the higher priced 91/G3 rifles. You will have some hopefully minor problem, so if you do not like messing with it also spend the $$$. If it is one of many and you buy rounds buy the case for the money they have been really fun for all of us. I have run several COFs and it kicked dirt on the spectator’s way behind the fire line!

(RsteinB I will call)
Link Posted: 10/24/2004 11:51:15 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/24/2004 1:04:34 PM EDT by vanilla_gorilla]
Don't order a Century. Buy one that you can inspect thoroughly before you put money down. It's a crap shoot with their QC, but I understand exactly what you mean about fundage(I'm working a second job now just to support my gun habit). I don't know about the wood handguard, but the thin plastic one is good for about 2 rapid fire mags before you have to let it cool off. If you plan to scope it, I'm told (no personal experience) that the stamped works much better with the claw scope mount than the cast. Other than that, just remember caveat emptor.

P.S. ....or do what I did and take a second job and sell body parts to get a PTR!
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