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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/5/2001 6:40:30 AM EST
I have a Rem 700, 308. Shooting both 168 gr fed match, and the 175 stuff.

The box shows bullet path when zeroed for 600 yds.

I have to zero at 100 yds.

With this zero, how many minutes of angle do I need to come up to simulate (or set) a 200, 300,500, and 1000 yrd zero.

Have a B+L 4200 elite, shimmed to go from 100 to 1000yds on elevation adjustments.

Thanks for any help.

Link Posted: 12/5/2001 8:39:33 AM EST
I strongly recommend the book "The Ultimate Sniper, John Paster, Paladin Press.

He outlines the various comeups for zeros from 100 to 1000 yards. Personally, I use the 300 yard zero, which puts me plus or minus 5" out to about 350 yards. (100 yards, 5.1", 200 yards, 5.6", 300 yards, zero, 400 yards, -14.5").

He limits his data to the Federal 168gr Match bullet and the M118 special bull and does not mention the 175gr stuff.
Link Posted: 12/5/2001 8:57:15 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/5/2001 8:59:10 AM EST by mr_wilson]
Believe this is the info you want: www.federalcartridge.com/andex4.html

Select rifle specs, then pick 308(7.62x51) to get to their chart. Use their ft/s chart and a ballistic calculator like internet.cybermesa.com/~jbm/ballistics/traj/traj.html to get drops using your 100 yard zero.

My only suggestion would be to convert the drop figures (inches) into (minutes of angle) and create your own come-up chart for your rifle. This will make it easier to dial up your elevation turret, (assuming you got one on your scope).


PS: Ultimate Sniper is good reccomendation, just printed before the 175 hit it stride.

Edited to add additional directions to Fed chart.
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