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Posted: 11/23/2012 9:42:46 AM EST
I have been looking at a 'large pack' for some time. Originally, I was going to go with an internal frame pack, until upon searching around, I found the NICE 7500 BVS and found the utility of an external frame pack probably more to my tastes. I cannot find one locally to try however, and given that this pack is a lifetime investment, in effect, I want to insure it is comfortable for 'long trips'.

- I am looking for a large pack with ample, but USABLE room. I don't want to unpack everything each time I need in the pack.
- I Like the external frame, because of the added 'pack frame' utility for hauling specific loads such as packing out a kill.
- I want to be able to carry a purpose rifle easily, along with everything else I am looking to carry. ie a long gun (OBR/DTA) in/on the pack while still carrying my AR over my shoulder. I like the Eberlestock G4 'Operator' pack pack a lot... but I like the utility of an Ex-Frame.
- I am looking for something to use hunting, camping, etc. But also something, that should SHTF, will allow me to bug out for a trek from Indiana to Colorado.
- I have 'day packs' etc for more normal uses.

So, has anyone used one of the Mystery Ranch NICE frames before? Was it comfortable and could you see yourself carrying it for long distances in a reasonable manner... ie in a SHTF type trek?

I looked at a couple local outdoors stores, and they had some great packs... but they are definitely geared towards current 'hiking' crowd with bright colors and less volume. I really did like comfort of the internal and ergonomically designed frames though.

Thoughts would be appreciated. Especially from you guys who have carried relatively heavy packs long distance or extended periods of time...

WHAT WOULD YOU GET? Given what you have experienced with this or similar packs/pack frames.
Link Posted: 11/23/2012 6:13:58 PM EST
I bought a Mystery Ranch Crew Cab with the Nice frame earlier this year. I bought it mainly for hunting and only got a couple of chances to use it this year. I did get the chance to use it one weekend this year. We hiked in about four miles with the pack weighing about 35 pounds. I felt that the pack work amazingly well. I also used just the main part of the Crew Cab while hunting. I only had about 20 pounds of gear and water with me but it did not feel like I had any weight on my back at all yet I had the ability to expand the pack to haul out elk quarters if I needed to. Mystery Ranch’s slogan is Gear not Art and when you look at their product you will understand what they are saying. Their craftsmanship is amazing. I cannot imagine ever having a problem with this pack and because I bought my pack from the factory in Bozeman Montana I can tell you that their customer service is second to none.
Link Posted: 11/23/2012 6:32:41 PM EST
We have CrewCabs for carrying packbots or PLT-5's and still be able to carry gear for our dismounted guys. They work phenomenally well, and hold up to unbelievable amounts of abuse.
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