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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/26/2006 4:44:41 AM EST
Well I wanted to get there while my son was home on leave but that did not happen so Sat I decided I would not put it off again. So $1000 later here are some suggestions. The folks there could not be better for offering help. So plan on asking for a little help and they will more than fill the need. The lighting in there is not the best, next time I would bring a small light. If you wear glasses make sure you bring the what will let you see the small Mfr marks and such or perhaps even a magnifying glass. The Greek rifles make up the biggest #. Many of them have some kind of black coating mostly chipped off. Field Grade was the largest grade available. I ended up with 2 M1A's that had been on loan to the Danes, both field grade. Before I made a decision Bob helped me field strip both rifles. The parts of both guns were primarily SA but have a small # of HRA parts. One receiver was 1944 the other 1955. There is no reason to pay much attention to the bores as the cosmoline keeps them dark. When I got home and cleaned them up both were bright and shiney. There was probably 150 to 200 field grade garands and a 100 or so 1903's. You must check the muzzle erosion as 7 out of 10 rifles the gauge fits totally in the muzzle. I thought perhaps the rifles with out wood might hold a few winners that would have been overlooked. I did not find that to be true. So for $50 to $100 more I elected to just get a second complete rifle. There was about 75 of rifles with out wood, all SA and all pretty well worn - likely rack grade.

The folks there could not be more helpful as I am sure they must get tired of the general public asking the same questions and not knowing what they want. They could not have treated me any better. If you have not been there it is well worth going. Try and pick some decent weather as there are several wildlife areas there that are worth stopping at. Metzgers Marsh being one. I saw a bald eagle and some pretty country. So make the day of it.

I will post some pics and a range report when I get a chance.

Have fun !

Link Posted: 2/26/2006 10:23:22 AM EST
I believe that black coating is Greek parkerizing. Good luck and have fun with your projects.
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