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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/21/2002 5:12:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/21/2002 8:05:17 PM EST by Kaliburz]
Well, today was Range day. Good way to till about 4 hours in the afternoon.

A friend was in town, so I met him at the 'local' range... a mear 50 min drive for me. The range is located in near Benton City (Tri Cities area), Washington state.

Any how, I have to say, that the 2002 LEGP shoots great. I finally had a chance to shoot it in a controled environment (Black hills 223 ammo). Plus, the 'gongs' are at this range... out to 500yds (or more). The sights as is are quite 'on'. I didn't mess w/ them since I know I have a flinch.... need to find someone who has better finger. Any how, again, like the last time, I wasn't able to get to the Garand. Too much stuff to shoot between my friend and I. He had a sweet 1917? or 1918 Enfield .30-'06 (sporterized) that I tried. His buddy w/ him loved my CAV-15. He's a frist time shooter of the AR and was able to plink the Gongs 300yd+ (with Wolf ammo too).

My 10mm 610 acted up...(gerrrrrrr). Gonna have to bring it to the smith.....so I just stuck w/ the .357 686 and the 22LR oldies that I brought out. The old 'Big 5' VZ-24 8mm made up for not shooting the Garand. That military surplus stuff is okay..... still got close to the 300yd Gong w/out messing w/ the sites.

I think the high point of the day was when the RO brought out his Robinson M96 carbine!!!! That's the first time I saw one. He had a scope (not sure who's scope), but he was taking shots at the 600 gong (last one there). Got to hold it, but not shoot..... another one to ad to the list.....

Sorry to waist the HD/bandwith space..... nothing special I suppose for you 'die hard range people' who burn up 1000 rounds or so when ya go out.... just my lazy Sunday afternoon.

Forgot to mention, I know where my 9 Ar shoots now... it's on for about 200 yds (okay, I'm gonna get flamed for that)... but that's what the 'gong' list said. And that was the one my friend was shooting at...and getting very, very close too (for a 1st time AR shooter).

Link Posted: 7/22/2002 7:36:39 AM EST
Sounds like you had good time.
I tryed to get some shooting in.
It just did`nt happen :(
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