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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/18/2002 7:21:20 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/20/2002 6:17:13 PM EST by eswanson]
Got home last night and the little FedEx sticker was on the door - they tried to deliver my rifles but no one was home to sign. I called them back and arranged for Friday delivery.

I can almost taste the Cosmoline! Unfortunately, Friday is the wife's birthday, and we're going out, so I won't get to play with them until Saturday.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 7:29:17 AM EST
Is this your first time? What did you order?

The M1's I have are excellent. The 1903 I just got was absolutely covered in cosmoline. The stock was and still is awefull. They are no where near worth $400.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 7:35:19 AM EST
It's not my first CMP order. I got a couple nice Garands from them a couple years ago. I kept the Winchester, and the Springfield went to my father-in-law.

This order is for a 1903A3 and one of those Mossberg M44's. I've heard some horror stories about the 1903's people are getting, but generally the 1903A3's seem to be in better shape. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 7:39:58 AM EST
I am also hearing that the 03A3's are in pretty good condition. My 03 is also not worth the $400.00. At least in my opinion. However, I don't have any idea what 03's are going for these days. IMO , and I really like the CMP, they stepped in it this time. The 03's were over priced. The M-1's are very good though.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 7:43:22 AM EST
Yeah, my brother ordered an 03 and I'm afraid of what he's gonna get.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 9:04:44 AM EST
If any of you guys want to unload your '03s, I'd be delighted to take them off your hands. After 3 Garands, I guess it's about time to get one.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 9:11:56 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 9:14:22 AM EST

Originally Posted By Waverunner:
the CMP cashed my check 5/29/02. still waiting on a Mossberg M44, and a USGI Springfield M1 Garand.

Did you call them, Wave? Give them a ring. They'll let you know what's up.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 9:16:02 AM EST
Yea I am going to get one of those Mosberg44's also...Wave did you decide after our talk a couple of months ago and what to get for my kid?
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 9:16:03 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 9:22:49 AM EST
Oh, for pete's sake, Wave.

(419)635-2141 or (888)267-0796

This and other fun info at www.odcmp.com. Get off your lazy donut-eatin' ass and call.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 10:02:36 AM EST
I don't think they have any M44's left, unless your talking about the $65 rusty ones. And I don't think they have many of those left either. Good luck if you decide to order one, and hurry!
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 10:13:51 AM EST

Originally Posted By bookertbab:
I don't think they have any M44's left, unless your talking about the $65 rusty ones. And I don't think they have many of those left either. Good luck if you decide to order one, and hurry!

Totally sold out, even the rusty ones.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 10:39:01 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/18/2002 10:42:10 AM EST by 223Rem]
If am mistaken, please correct me if I am wrong. Am I under the impression from this thread that the CMP can ship rifles directly to your door and bypass your local FFL. Huh?


edited to add:

Where the hell have I been?
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 10:46:50 AM EST
Yes, that's how it works. There are a number of qualifications, like proof of marksmenship activity. Go to www.odcmp.com.

Link Posted: 7/18/2002 11:05:06 AM EST
I received two of the 1903's over the last week. One is a Smith Corona A3 and the other is a Springfield Mark I. The A3 has the inspector's cartouge mark in the buttstock and several proof marks, including mismatching numbers in the bolt, stock and barrel shroud. This one came with the C-stock. I have two other A3's, both Remington's. The first A3 I purchased was by far the finest I have seen, $300. This one cost me $425.

The Mark I is much better. The numbers in the stock and bolt match the last 4 numbers in the receiver's s/n. It came with the S-stock and the receiver was milled on the left for the Peterson device. I don't know if that increases or decreases the value of the rifle, but it is a real nice piece of history to own. Can't wait to see how these beauties look after I remove all the cosmoline.

Which remindes me: what is the best solvent to use for removing cosmoline?

-- ale
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 1:43:44 PM EST

Originally Posted By aleaddict:

Which remindes me: what is the best solvent to use for removing cosmoline?

-- ale

For the steel, I visited a mechanic friend with a parts washer. The wood will be easier if you set it in the sun on a hot day an wipe it off. It may take a couple of times. Some people even wrap it up good and set it on a dash board for a few hours then wipe it down.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 3:15:56 PM EST
As far as the cosmoline, I have found that (after wiping excess) plain old gasoline worked the best.

I also ordered two M44's. They did not come with my two 03's so I called. I was told that I would be getting mine but I barely made it. She said I was one of the last to receive them and then they are gone for good. I received them on June 10th. I placed my order on March 15th if these date help anyonen else.

The condition is absolutely mint on one, the other looks very good too but the stock is a little discolored.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 8:22:06 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/20/2002 6:21:57 PM EST
Well, one of the rifles showed up on Friday. The Springfield is still MIA, but the Mossberg M44 arrived.

As promised on the CMP website, the trigger guard was in a dozen pieces. Other than that, the rifle looks great. Metal is 100%, wood is about 90% (some dings from storage).

I'll be ordering a new trigger guard and a couple mags (little fu*kers are $37 each!) and giving it a good cleaning, although it's not all gunked up with Cosmoline. Then I think I'll get some Colibris or CB's and try it out in the basement.

I'm calling CMP on Monday to see what's up with the 1903. Hopefully, FedEx didn't "lose" it.
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