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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/1/2002 9:58:36 AM EST
When I attended the Bulletfest III this last weekend, I noticed a lot of tinkering on the firing line with weapons that jammed for one reason of another. The cause appeared to be both with the gun's internal mechanisms as well as the magazines. One poster told me (Gnl Dis) that the guns are old and parts are hard to come by. So the people have to make due with what they have. I can appreciate that. But I'm wondering if these shooters have tried some of the high temperature lubricants that are available. I have had some experience in getting metals parts to slide. There's a number of products on the market that I feel would benefit you gun enthusiasts. I wanted to bring them to your attention. Perhaps you might want to try them, or tell me I'm off in left base, whatever. I don't claim to be a gun pro, but it's to my advantage to try and help you guys out: after all when TSHF, we are going to depend on you people to be one of our lines of defense. What's good for you has got to be good for us.

This suppliers catalog will help document my recommendations.

My first choice is Molybdenum Disulfide, or Moly, for short. It's a dry powder lubricant good for temperature ranges from -20 deg F to +750 deg F. I have used this product and swear by it WHEN used with a little bit of oil. You may find that in your application that using it dry is OK. Your call. But I found a few drops of oil enhances this stuff and makes it act like a greased pig.

The only area that I would use it dry would be on the inside of the mags. I would expect this to help the cartridges slide up into the opening easier. If you have a bullet feed problem, this might be the fix for it.

There's also graphite dry-film lubricant. It's good for temperatures from -80 deg F to 1060 deg F.

Then there's White Powdered Mica Lubricant. This is good up to 2012 deg F. The catalog says "Unlike graphite and moly powders, mica won't stain...it becomes invisible upon application"

There's Teflon but somehow I wouldn't recommend it for guns. Something about plastic and heat that makes me shun it.

There's a smorgasbord of lubricants that perhaps you should consider to reduce your tinkering time. You be the judge. Hopefully I will have been helpful. Do let me know either way. Do let ALL of us know.
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 1:30:01 PM EST

i use Molybdenum Disulfide also, got a 2lb. can many years ago when returning from a westpac cruise, all the way back across the big pond excess/surplus parts & supplys were dumped over board, i managed to salvage a can..., i once mixed it wyth Sperm Oil i got thru Brownells, now i mix it wyth CLP

there is also another good dry lube called, "Motor Mica" it is white in color, very good stuff...!
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