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Posted: 5/5/2002 10:29:50 AM EDT
Every 10th rd or so, my AR jams. I've tried different ammo and mags(all USGI). It seems to do this more often with the older mags. Could this problem be easily solved by rebuilding the mags or am I missing something. I clean the rifle thoroughly after every range visit and its only got about 500 rds though it. Any ideas? thanks
Link Posted: 5/5/2002 10:38:55 AM EDT
how many different mags have you tried?

exactly what kind of "Jam" are we talking about?

Failure to Extract?
Link Posted: 5/5/2002 10:44:02 AM EDT
You really need to describe how your AR is jamming if you want us to diagnose your problem.
Link Posted: 5/5/2002 12:33:33 PM EDT
When I'm shooting, two rounds try to chamber at the same time. One gets caught up right before it enters the barrel and the second one seems to hit the first one and gets hung up in the mag itself. The bolt stops about 1/2 way from closing as it hits these two. There is no problem with the used brass. I'm using a few adventure line, okay, and mags directly from bushmaster.
Link Posted: 5/5/2002 1:58:43 PM EDT
I would double-check the extractor. Is the extractor in good shape? How many rounds have you shot using the current extractor assembly? Do you have an extra extractor, spring, & rubber insert that you can try? If you don't you should try to get some of these spares as a spare parts kits.
Link Posted: 5/5/2002 10:07:12 PM EDT
If you're double feeding (as you described) IMO your problem is in your mags. I would buy mags that aren't from Bushmaster & I bet your problem goes away. Make sure your bolt isn't short-cycling as well.
Link Posted: 5/6/2002 3:35:31 PM EDT
thanks for the input guys. Hopefully I'll have it fixed by the weekend
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