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Posted: 6/16/2002 6:47:48 AM EDT
Target435 and I spent a couple of hours at the range on Friday. Had fun despite the fact that most of the time it was in quite a downpour (shooting points are covered).

We did a bunch of shooting at 25 and 50 yards; most of what we were interested in was in function testing and sighting in some new weapons. Target435 has the largest collection of pistol caliber ARs I've ever seen belonging to one person, and he didn't even bring them all
It was also the first opportunity I had to shoot the CavArms lower, and I really like the length of the stock, though I think it would work best on a target style setup for me.

Anyway, I had just picked up an EOTech to play with (Model 502; N batteries, no shield. $219) so I mounted it on top of my RRA/Bushy M4A3, and had my OKO on my RRA lightweight carbine.

The OKO had origianlly been sighted in using my basement 50 foot range and a 22 conversion kit, just to get it on paper when I got a chance to get it outdoors. When we had our SE PA shoot a few weeks ago I found that the rifle would break clay birds at 100 yards as it was, shooting offhand, so I didn't touch the sight adjustment.

At 25 yards on Friday, the rifle put 60 rounds into a ragged 1" hole with the sight set as it was. Given the weather conditions, I can't complain; it has a 4 MOA dot so 1" at 25 yards is exactly right. That was shooting in a seated position, not using a rest. The rifle weighs right around 6 pounds, so it's very easy to shoot that way.

I had just received the EOTech the day before, so other than reading the instructions and mounting it on the rifle it was unfired. The Bushy upper had been broken in the previous week. One thing I have to reiterate; the Mini-Y Comp is really annoying. I had the chance to stand behind Mike as he was hooting it and even standing 6 feet directly behind the shooter you still get buffeted.

The EOTech took some time to get sighted in. At 25 yards it started off about a foot low and a foot to the right. Once I got it sighted in, it was as effective as the OKO at short range, though the OKO still gives me a better feeling for a CQB sight.

The EOTech, with the 1 MOA center dot, has greater potential for longer distances. Unfortunately, the torrential downpour that was happening severely unmotivate us to take a walk out to the longer range target stands. Perhaps I'll get to that next week.

More info  when the situation merits it.

Link Posted: 6/16/2002 6:53:47 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 7:16:47 AM EDT

raf queried:

Where have you found the best prices for the EOTech sight?
Why the N-battery model? I know the AA-battery model is a little more expensive, but I can re-charge NiMH AA batteries indefinitely using a solar recharger. Can't say that about the Ns

I got this one from an EOTech dealer who sells through ebay. He was about $10 cheaper for this model than any of the web sites I had checked. I didn't ask him about the other models, but if you're interested his name is Irv and he can be reached at [email protected].

I went with the cheapest version of the current generation because I wasn't sure I would like the sight and it was an $80 delta. I picked up a couple dozen N batteries, cheap, to keep in the range bag, and if I decide I really want this sight on a gun that will see rougher handling, I'll move this one to an AR for my son (8 year old) and upgrade myself to a 552 (shield, AA batteries, and Gen 3 NV-ready). Though given how much longer the AA models are than the N's, I will need to figure out a different solution for mounting with back-up iron sights, or lose the M4 handguards I like.

Link Posted: 6/16/2002 7:21:02 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 10:14:53 AM EDT

Had fun despite the fact that most of the time it was in quite a downpour (shooting points are covered).

How did the rain effect the sights? Did the lenses ever get wet and did this distort the sight picture?
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 10:22:54 AM EDT

AR15fan asked:

How did the rain effect the sights? Did the lenses ever get wet and did this distort the sight picture?  

We weren't doing any torture tests; getting drenched while shooting would have made for a miserable afternoon, so we stayed under cover. As long as you can keep both eyes open while shooting, I don't think moisture would have affected either sight, but I'll leave the actual rainstorm testing to somebody else.

Link Posted: 6/16/2002 12:58:33 PM EDT
Thanks for the report...   My next purchase will probably be an EOTech..   So anything else you can add will be appreciated...  
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