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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/25/2002 5:14:03 PM EST
I have two differant Mark X Mausers spotted at the local Outdoor Super Store in my area.
One is in 270 win and looks to have ridden in a truck rack and has beat up finish on the stock and well worn bluing overall with some light surface rust here and there. The bore looks to be serviceable, but not pristine.
I would rate this gun to be 45% overall finish wise, but appears to be sound mechanically.
Price is $280.

The second Mark X is in much better shape in 300 win mag with nothing more than a good cleanup needed, but with a few minor dings in the stock and the bore is very nice in this rifle.I would rate this gun as 80%.Price is $350.
Both guns are stocked in walnut.
The 270 interests me as a project gun and the 300 would problably be left alone(yea right, like I own anything I haven't tinkered with).
I used to have one of these in 25-06, but sold it to my son, so I have experience with these rifles and I also have a soft spot in my heart for Large ring Mauser's as well as Swede's.
Wondering if anyone can tell me if these prices are reasonable?

Thanks for any help.

Link Posted: 8/26/2002 4:20:14 AM EST
I have one my self in 22-250, I'd say the price for the .270 sounds to me like it's a little too high,the .300win mag is fair I'd try dickering with them, maybe offer $550.00 for the pair, Oh, one other thing to consider I had a AR-15 rebarreled and was talking to the 'smith and mentioned that I had one of these, and also told him that while the bore looks very bright, you can't hardly see any rifling, he told me that he has ran into this alot it seems that they (MarkX) uses a softer barrel steel than we use here in the states, and they wear quickly, my 22-250 usually groups about 11/4-11/2 at 100yds so it needs rebarreled, I bought it used so I'll keep it as a project rifle same smith also told me he had a once used 6.5x55 match chamber reamer left to him by a customer who bought it, Now, I'm thinking, Douglas S.S. bbl, 6.5 swede on a 98 action Hmmmmmmmmmm, ought to really be able to push'um out there anyway, check the barrels real well look and see if you can see the rifling, if it's hard to see it may need rebarreled,and this may give you some leverage on the prices
Link Posted: 8/27/2002 5:17:20 PM EST
Thanks Ralph, I could see plenty of rifling in both barrels.
The 270 is a little high I think, but when I think about the work and cost to convert a surplus 98 to the state of a Mark X ready to go it doesnt seem to bad.
Charles Daly is importing the Mark X action and barreled actions again. The factory in the former Yugoslavia is up and running again, but they are more money than they were before the war.
As for the 6.5x55, it is an excellant round. I have killed several deer with my sporterized Swede.
If I had known they were going to become collectable I would not have chopped up this one since all the numbers match.
To realize the full potential of the 6.5x55 it needs to be on a 98 or other strong action and could easily best the 260 Rem. and nip on the heels of a 6.5-06.
The rim diameter is a little bigger than a standard 30-06 size case so you will need to open the bolt up slightly and the cases are a little fatter.
Sounds like a good conversion and I have thought of doing it myself someday.

Link Posted: 8/27/2002 5:57:40 PM EST
Are you guys talking about the Interarms Mark X? If so, I have three of these that I bought in the 80's. Nice rifles, 2 are Whitworth's, and 1 Cavalier. I paid less then 400 each for those guns. I'll have to check the rifling to see if it's worn abnormally.
Link Posted: 8/28/2002 6:33:22 PM EST
Yes, we are talking about the Interarms.
I agreee they are nice guns and a good value usually.

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