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Posted: 7/8/2008 6:38:24 PM EDT

Is it OK to use magnum small rifle primers for a .223. The reason I ask is becuase I bought a box of 1000 by mistake. I thought they were regular small rifle primers. So would it be bad to use them in a .223?


Link Posted: 7/8/2008 6:42:03 PM EDT
they wont give you the same results a standard primer would. I would see if you could take them back and exchange them. or put them up for sale locally to someone.
Link Posted: 7/8/2008 7:17:18 PM EDT
Does the load data specify the use of magnum primers? If not, don't use them.
Link Posted: 7/8/2008 11:19:36 PM EDT
Please state the mfn. of the mag. primers.


Cause, IF it were WOLF mag primers. According to the Widener's site, WOLF says to use their mag. primers when loading for .223 Rem.

Then, some brands of powders (W748) are recommended with mag. primers (according to Speer Manual #10) for .223 Rem. Check your manual for more powders that use mag. primers.

And, since handloading is part experimentation........you could lower the starting charge (even more than usual) to compensate for the mag. primer. Sorry but, there is no set answer, as to how much to compensate.

Aloha, Mark
Link Posted: 7/8/2008 11:55:15 PM EDT
I use CCI #41 (5.56) primers with good results. As always, just work up your load from safe level.
Link Posted: 7/9/2008 1:52:58 AM EDT
If you are using most spherical powders, you are fine, just start out at recommeneded starting loads.

Slower extruded are also fine, again at starting loads and careful work-up.

But not for reduced loads with pistol powders.
Link Posted: 7/9/2008 3:02:38 AM EDT
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The CCI #34 (7.62) LR Mil-Spec primers I use in my SKS are Magnum just work your load up slowly.
Link Posted: 7/9/2008 6:54:06 AM EDT
I prefer CCI 450s in my 223 loads which are magnum primers.

They do work better on H335, Tac, X-Termintor, etc but I also like them for extruded like Benchmark, RE-15, RE-7.

So like the others said, just work up your loads and shoot them.

You may like the loads better then with standard small rifle primers.
Link Posted: 7/9/2008 12:24:14 PM EDT

I use CCI # 41 primers in 223 ( they are MIL. spec. and are a magnum primer, and have a harder cup for use in guns that have a free floating fireing pin ( AR15 ))
They work very well

just remember to reduce your powder charge when useing a magnum primer
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 5:25:16 PM EDT
Thanks for the replies. I do not have a specific load in my mind to use with these primers but I will probably be using Win 748. And I load for cheap plinking ammo so I usually load at about a medium charge. So would magnum primers be ok for this? Of course I will start the load off at the minimum powder charge listed in the reloading manual.


Link Posted: 7/19/2008 5:51:06 PM EDT
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