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Posted: 10/30/2006 10:36:41 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/30/2006 10:43:08 AM EST by ARUDD]
Well I had an AK suppressor built; I was going buy an AAC AK suppressor but found out the AK suppressors are on hold for right now. So I had James DeGroat build a Krink suppressor here in NM.

The suppressor was made for the M92 Krink; it’s made from 100% titanium tube and baffles. The baffle design was the omega baffle, and weight of the can is around 12oz. James also let me pick the name and serial number of the can so model is Little Emma after my daughter and her brithday was the serial number.

Shot suppressor for the first time yesterday the suppressor is so light you don’t mind it on the gun. With the suppressor lots of gas blows back into the gun and back into the shooters face. I was also very surprised the brass ejected the same distance as the M92 did without the suppressor. I not sure how much Db reduction the can has but did shoot it without hearing protection, my friend and I where both comfortable shooting it with no hearing protection, but the gun is still very loud. I would say its not hearing safe. I am very impressed with the way the suppressor preformed shot 200 rounds no problems of any kind.

Thanks James very nice can!

Link Posted: 10/30/2006 11:36:58 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/30/2006 12:13:30 PM EST
Very nice and I applaud you for taking the extra effort to have a can custom made for the M92. It seems everything on the M92 is different than other Ak's and that does lead to much frustration....I see you took a lot of time/effort in attention to dealt with the receiver markings as well as relocation of the selector detent. Very nice

I am building up a M92 SBR and wasn't as dedicated as you in finding a suppressor - I gave up on that route and had a custom 4 piece Bulgarian flash hider crafted to fit the M92 threads. No pics right now because its all at the builders but I have seen the 4 part FH and it looks really nice on the M92

Just out of curiosity, what kind of price range is a custom can like that run? I know all titanium cans typically start around 1K and go up from there..
Link Posted: 10/30/2006 12:44:34 PM EST

Originally Posted By ROMAD-556:
Just out of curiosity, what kind of price range is a custom can like that run? I know all titanium cans typically start around 1K and go up from there..

+1 That one looks great!
Link Posted: 10/30/2006 1:30:41 PM EST
What a great looking set-up. Is that Ironwood furniture on the forearm? How cool to have a truly custom can like that.
Link Posted: 10/30/2006 2:19:47 PM EST
Silicone, thats net idea, I might have to try that.

The M92 was built by Arazona Expert Arms, the M92 in the picture is my friends gun, My SBR M92 still needs to be built and I'll send my gun to them as well.

James charge me $1050.00 for the custom can, and of course the $200 tax stamp. When we first start out it was going be a staniless steal can for $550 then we thought later on the titanium would be nice to keep the weight down, so we went that route.

The wood is organial factory forarm that came with the m92
Link Posted: 10/31/2006 9:19:46 AM EST
I'm in the process of building a suppressed M92 but on a side-folding milled receiver. I also bought a set of 7.62x39 dies for a friend's Dillon 550B progressive reloader. Subsonic 7.62x39 functions perfectly in my other AK, I'm sure it will in the new one with the extra back pressure from the Suppressor. Blue Dot or H4227 both make reliable subsonic loads with 150gr .311" bullets and a decent crimp. I think you owe it to yourself to try subsonic ammo after putting together such a great combo.
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