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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/8/2002 8:10:53 PM EST
OK, I disassembled my M1 and refinished the stock. Does anyone know how to get the front handguard spacer "dog ears" to fold back down over the ferrule? Thanks.
Link Posted: 11/21/2002 11:10:08 PM EST
Booger, one set of the ears should be unbent and the other should have been bent to clear the groove in the front handguard when you disassembled the front handguard the first time. Install the spacer by putting the BENT ears in first ( from the front ) then push the spacer till the UNBENT ears contact the metal ferrul. The spacer should go in in the upside down "U" configuration. The currently STRAIGHTENED ears should be poking out from the wood only (rear) section of the front handguard. The untouched ears will be resting in their notches on the front ferrul. They will be happy...they may sing to you...this is normal...do not be alarmed. Next find or make a small spacer of wood that you can fit into the ferrul just behind the ears that you need to bend. Remember the ears you want to bend will be facing the back ( wood only ) side of the handguard. This spacer will allow all of your bending force to concentrate on the ears and will keep the spacer nice and shapely when you bend the ears. Now, go to the store and buy an extra set of hands...your gonna need 'em. Place the handguard front (metal ferrul) down on a firm, nonmarring surface. Bend the ears on each side as far as you can with a pair of wee pliars. Next with a 1/8 punch and a LIGHT mallet Tap each ear back into place, do this with a NICE, LIGHT touch. I just did this last Sunday and all turned out supa pretty. Oh,before assembly some guys anneal the ears to be rebent by torching them red then letting them air cool, other guys quench 'em. I air cool mine. I am not sure which is best but I bet someone here does.
I hope this info helps.
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