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Posted: 6/11/2003 11:46:34 AM EDT
I purchased a used M1A a few years back. I sent Springfield the receiver serial # and asked when it was made. They told me it was made in 1970. I checked on another web site and it said it was made in 1959-1960. Which is correct? The barrel on it has NM scribed on it below the front sight. It does not appear to be chrome lined. The only other marking the barrel has on it looks like a letter R or K down by the receiver. I took it out shooting with some older guys and one of the guys was supposedly a retired Marine Sniper. I showed it to this guy and I thought this guy was going to flash back on me. He just sat there for about 5 minutes zoned out looking at the thing. It was just weird. He shot it and said it was a Match barrel. This guy shot a 3 shot clover leaf on paper with it. This convinced me he was the real deal. He said he was very impressed with it. I sure couldn't shoot as good as this guy with it. Can anyone give me info on the barrel?
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 4:50:34 PM EDT
There should be some numbers and / or lettering on the right rear side of the barrel. Pull back and lock open the bolt. Can you post the markings? The barrel month and year of manufacture are usually stamped on the barrel.
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 5:41:27 PM EDT
Springfield Armory was a US goverment facility until McNamara closed it down in the late 1960s. They never made a single M1A.

Springfield Armory Inc. makes the M1A. 1970 sounds very early, what's the serial number?

USGI M14 barrel has the month and date under the oprod, just like the M1 in most cases.

-- Chuck
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 5:43:23 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/12/2003 8:07:47 AM EDT by ArmyOrdGuy]
That must be one of the first receivers that Springfield made. The two oldest that I have are #0034XX made in 1/3/75 and #0066XX made 10/17/76. If yours was made in 1970, it has to be a really low number. What was the other web site that said 1959-1960? The military was just getting into the M-14 and Springfield Armory Inc had no source of surplus parts to begin with. An NM barrel should have the letters "NM"on the top of the barrel between the flash suppressor and the gas system. A "NM" front sight blade will say ".062 NM". That was the only width that was M-14 NM. As DIFFERENT said, look for the numbers stamped on the barrel. The big letter you see is a "P" that shows that the weapon was "Proofed" by firing a high pressure proof round and everything held together. The gov't NM M-14 barrel I have in front of me is a 12" twist,4 groove,standard contour (what people now call a "light" barrel), with the barrel marked SAK-7791362-2-76-8098240. My barrel has about 300 rounds through it, 99+% of the original finish, a "1.0" throat and is junk. It was put on my rifle at the old MTU-1 at Ft.Meade and never would shoot tight groups. After air gaging, it was found that it was grossly out of spec. Nobody had any use for the tube so I kept it for a Service Grade rifle "sometime". Edited for substandard typing.
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 8:13:28 PM EDT
ARMYORDGUY is correct on the SAK NM barrel.My Spfld preban NM came with a SAK NM barrel (not chrome lined).
This barrel should be marked on top (on most I've seen) and have the federal stock numbers he indicated.
Mine shoots very well (about 1/2" at 100yds) with good match ammo.
Just like the chrome lined barrels,sometimes you can get a bad one.You just don't know till you shoot it.
I also have a SAK chrome lined barrel that I never installed.
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 3:04:34 AM EDT
Springfield Armory, Inc. started in Devine, Texas in September, 1971. The owner, Elmer Balance, went out of business and sold the name to the present owners in late 1974. Production of the M1A rifle was transferred to the new owner's (Reese family)facilities in Geneseo, Illinois.
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 3:06:21 PM EDT
The markings on the receiver are:
7.62mm M1A
Springfield Armory
the barrel does not have any serial #s where you guys are saying they should be. I broke the thing down taking off the stock and handgaurd. The only markings are an R or a K at the breech and NM on the top of the barrel between the gas port and the front sight.
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 5:05:53 PM EDT
A 19,000 serial number should put it's manufacture somewhere in the 1980's. This was a good time to get (all gov't parts). It sounds like you have a non-govt barrel. That number on the side of a govt barrel is not a serial number but a part number with date of manufacture. The govt barrel has the op rod guide held onto the barrel with a roll pin and the barrel is thin contoured under the handguard like it is between the gas system and flash suppressor. The after market (non-govt) barrels are usually full diameter (about 1") under the handguard with the op rod guide silver soldered to the barrel. Springfield could acquire surplus for most parts but the barrel is the wearable item of a rifle. Surplus and used barrels just aren't to be had in quantity.
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 5:53:08 PM EDT
According to Peggy at Springfield,your receiver is about early 1982.I have a Springfield preban #0032*** (and another #00078** 1978) which was made July 1985.

Between 1980-1986 Springfield was running short on GI chrome lined barrels.So they were using barrels made by Citidel or Wilson.

Both companies made barrels for the M1 Garand.I had 1 or 2 of these barrels untill I sold them.

Those barrels were never marked with federal stock numbers.

I have seen them marked with NM on the front as you stated.That may be what you have on your rifle.

If the barrel shoots good,have fun with it.In the meantime,you might want to look aroung for a real good chrome lined barrel that guages between 0-1 on T&E guage.
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 8:09:04 AM EDT
Shepard Thanks, I think you are right about the barrel being a Wilson or Citadel. I would not have known Springfield sent them out with these kind of barrels. Does the NM mean it is a NAT/MATCH barrel? I also noticed the other day that the wood stock is thicker than a friends rifle I was looking at. My stock sticks out wider than the handgaurd. The other one it is about flush with the handgaurd. The receiver dates you gave sound correct to me. You must have known the right person to speak to. Why do you recommend a chrome lined barrel?
Doesn't the chromed provide less accuracy? I was just curios to know info on this rifle. I purchased an M1 Garand through the CMP years back for $165.00. After that, I just new some day I had to have it's brother, the M1A/M14. I am up in Idaho for the summer and I really get to do some long range shooting. Normally living in Dallas I can't do much of that. Thanks again, AMMO
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 1:30:22 PM EDT
I've done some warranty work for Springfield in the past.Blown bolts (commercial),bad barrels,etc.

Since I'm an ex-military armorer and knew how to do the work it saved them some money on shipping,man hours,etc.

I told them that since they made drastic changes to the receiver (and making their own commercial junk parts) and bolts were not mil-spec I wouldn't do warranty work any more.

They have also made drastic changes to their receivers (not mil-spec anymore).Hardness is O.K. but,they have changed the DRAW on the front.Some guys call it RECEIVER OR BARREL TIMING.Also the flats on the bottom, because most guys don't know how to bed a M14,M1A.

I've known Peggy (sales dept.)for about 15 years.If you need info. on date of manufacture she can tell you.Also what it was when it left the factory.I also know Les Baer since he worked for Mr.Reese at Springfield.

As for the chrome lined barrels,they will last for about 30,000 rds if it's new or guages about 0-1.Non chrome lined barrels last for about 6,000-6,500 rds.Accuracy drops at about 3,000 on non chrome barrels.That's a big difference.

No need to rebarrel as often and less cost involved.Most chome lined barrels will shoot well.You can also bed the stock which does enhance accuracy even with chrome lined barrels.

I also bought a DCM Garand (Winchester)for $165.00 in 1986.

Link Posted: 6/13/2003 1:59:20 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/13/2003 2:00:05 PM EDT by texashark]
Shephard, where are you located?
I may have a rifle for you to look at for me. Thanks.

edited cause I can't spel.
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 10:01:39 PM EDT
I'm in HOUSTON.I used to own a gun shop on the north side also.If you're close we can meet somewhere.
Link Posted: 6/15/2003 3:40:59 PM EDT
Not close, but I go there occasionally.
I'll private email you. thanks.
Link Posted: 6/15/2003 4:08:48 PM EDT
Yeah O.K. let me know about 3-4 days in advance since I don't know what I'm doing from one day to the next.Midweek or weekends good for me.If it's nice I'll ride my Harley.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 5:45:21 PM EDT

If it's any consolation, I have a preban SA as well...serial #37XXX. The barrel (when I bought it from the previous owner) came with was marked "NM" on the top, just behind the front site. The only other marking on it was "GENESEO", which was stamped horizontally across the base of the barrel (on the op-rod side). Peggy at SA said the rifle was assembled as a "standard" M1A in 1986 (if my memory serves me correctly).

With the "GENESEO" stamp, I can assume it's a SA barrel...but outside of that, I'm not sure which company actually manufactured it (read barrel)?
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