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Posted: 12/1/2001 5:02:56 AM EDT
I think I like this.
Here`s what looks to be an excellent little gizmo. =www.leupold.com/pi_cqt.html]www.leupold.com/pi_cqt.html

Mark 4® CQ/T™
1-3x14mm Close Quarter/Tactical Scope

For Accurate Engagement Of Close To Mid-Range Targets
Leupold’s new Mark 4® CQ/T™ is a revolutionary optical sight for tactical firearms such as the AR-15 and M16, combining the strengths of a red dot sight and a variable-power riflescope. It was developed by Leupold in cooperation with elite military forces and law enforcement agencies from around the globe to help you accomplish a range of missions you can’t tackle with any other single scope.

Use the Mark 4 CQ/T at 1x and it functions as a non-magnifying, illuminated sight for tactical scenarios or engaging targets at extremely close range. Dial up to 3x and you can accurately engage targets at medium ranges. The Circle Dot reticle ensures fast target acquisition. Use the circle’s edge to lead targets at long distances. You can also estimate range with the Circle Dot reticle.

Range Estimating With The Mark 4 CQ/T
Range estimating using the Mark 4 CQ/T scope is simple. Place the target inside the circle of the reticle. At 3x the diameter equates to 6 feet in height at 100 yards. At 200 yards, 6 feet is measured from the dot to the edge of the circle.

The Circle Dot Reticle
The Circle Dot reticle of the Mark 4 CQ/T is designed to offer fast target acquisition in any environment.

DOT SIZE: 3 MOA at 3x, 9 MOA at 1x.

CIRCLE SIZE: Edge to edge, the subtension of the circle is 18 inches at 25 yards, or 6 feet at 100 yards when set on 3x. From the center of the dot to the edge of the circle, the subtension is 6 feet at 200 yards when set on 3x.

CIRCLE LINE: The width of the line creating the circle is large enough to be easily visible, but thin enough so as not to obliterate an 18-inch object at 500 yards when set on 3x.

What Makes The Mark 4 CQ/T Revolutionary:
• One AA battery powers the Mark 4 CQ/T for up to seven hours of continuous use on the highest intensity setting (AA battery included)
• Battery check determines battery life
• Battery can be quickly and easily replaced in the field without tools (extra battery packs also available)
• Reticle is visible when not illuminated (no batteries required to use the scope)
• Ten illumination settings to match any light conditions without overwhelming your natural low-light vision; two low-intensity settings work with night-vision devices
• Mounts to MIL-STD-1913 rail bases (with optional mounting hardware), AR-15s and M16s with handles, and similar firearms
• Specialized eye relief optimized for M16 variant cheek weld—mount the scope in the preferred middle receiver position
• Large field of view for fast target acquisition and tracking of moving targets
• Attach accessories to the Mark 4 CQ/T (such as a laser designator, flash light, or night-vision device) using the integrated MIL-STD-1913 rail mount cross slots
• Windage and elevation adjustments can be made in 1/2-MOA “click” increments; to ensure precision, the clicks are both audible and tactile
• Legendary Leupold ruggedness
• Absolute waterproof integrity
• DiamondCoat™ scratch-resistant lens coating on all exterior lens surfaces; Multicoat 4® on all interior lens surfaces to maximize light transmission
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 5:04:33 AM EDT

Weight: 17.5 oz (w/o battery or mount)
Length (at zero diopter): 8.75 in
Finish: Matte
Circle Dot Reticle:
DOT SIZE: 9 MOA at 1x, 3 MOA at 3x
CIRCLE SIZE: Edge to edge, subtension of circle is 18 inches at 25 yards, or 6 feet at 100 yards at 3x. From the dot's center to the circle's edge, subtension is 6 feet at 200 yards at 3x.
CIRCLE LINE: Width of the line creating the circle is large enough to be easily visible, but thin enough so as not to obliterate an 18-inch object at 500 yards at 3x.
Ocular Adjustment Range: -2.0 to +0.5
Parallax Adjustment: Non-adjustable (factory set to 150 yards)
Parallax Adjustment Range: N/A
Windage Dial Adjustment Increment: 1/2-MOA
Elevation Dial Adjustment Increment: 1/2-MOA
Total Windage Adjustment Travel: 80-MOA minimum
Total Elevation Adjustment Travel: 80-MOA minimum
Magnification: 1x - 3x
Field of View at 100 yards: 116.6 ft at 1x, 84.3 ft at 3x
Field of View at 100 meters: 38.9 m at 1x, 28.1 m at 3x
Eye Relief: 2.8 in (71mm) at 1x, 2.0 in (51mm) at 3x

Link Posted: 12/1/2001 5:33:18 AM EDT
But battery life is non-existant. A MAXIMUM of 7 HOURS at full brightness???

Aimpoint's current offering gets 6 MONTHS at full brightness.

Major design flaw.
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 6:44:23 AM EDT
What Arock said...
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 9:48:40 AM EDT
It's a compromise between a "scout" style scope and a true CQB red dot sight. I think a 14 mm objective is way to small for this type of scope. I like Aimpoint's 30 mm tube and the Holosight's large glass.

If I really need a powered scope, I think Trijicon's BAC series of scopes or even the good old tritium crosshaired series still are king for the AR.

Oh and yeah, Leupold need to work on the battery life if they want military contracts.

Link Posted: 12/1/2001 6:00:51 PM EDT
I think if it uses a common battery that is fairly cheap like a AA then it has appeal, especialy if the ret is still visible if it`s off or dead. If it comes in fairly cheap it would be a good compromise between a trad red dot and a high end 1K type of ACOG. Plus it has some magnification which places it a step above the red dots in versitility for distant target ID. Just another option and if it`s leupold quality (not Wind River) then I think it`s worth a look.
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 8:35:27 PM EDT
You need to think less about this as a red dot and more as an illuminated reticle sight.

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