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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/17/2002 4:07:29 PM EST
Some thoughts on the Ultra Carry CDP. Have had one for about a year now - good little carry gun. Very accurate for its size, and coughs out my quickly made budget reloads with about 95% reliability. Never had a malfunction with self-defense ammo (I use Golden Sabre 230's) or factory hardball. I have shot competitions (USPSA) with it and done pretty well - it is a good feeling to beat dudes with $2,000 raceguns with my little carry package.

On to the bad. Not sure I am enamoured with the MIM parts. When I got back from the range yesterday and began cleaning, I noticed that the nose of the ejector had broken off. The powder residue on it indicated that this happened early in my shooting session. Even with the ejector broken, it still functioned flawlessly during about 100 rounds of rapid fire shooting. I am, however, dissapointed that a nearly $1000 gun would break within a year.

Called Kimber this morning and they are sending me 2 new ejectors and pins. Of note here is that the ejector in the CDP is not a standard 1911 ejector - I also have a pro carry and was going to swap them and order parts for the pro carry when I noticed they did not interchange (this parts swapping compulsion stems from too much time as an Tank Company Executive Officer...sad we do that to keep the tanks running, but I digress...). Kimber was very good about saying they will send them (called the custom shop number on the web page) - I hope they get here before Saturday, as I am going on leave on Sunday and would like my carry gun with me as opposed to the bulkier Pro Carry.

All that said, when I get the new ejector I will still trust this little gun and keep carrying it. I am hoping (yes, hope should not be a method...) that this was a freak accident and not indicative of a systemic problem with Kimber's manufacturing process. I've been cery happy with their customer service thus far...and will be ecstatic if my parts come soon. Hope this helps anyone considering buying one of these pricey little things...

LOAD SABOT!! (At least tanks have really big ejectors.)

Link Posted: 12/17/2002 4:22:53 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/17/2002 4:33:32 PM EST
I purchased the Pro CDP for carry at the shop.
When I first took it to the range, it was hitting low left 4" both ways at 25 feet.
At first I thought it was me, but had a friend shoot it and he got the same results.

I called Kimber and they had me send it back for them to check out. They found that the crown of the barrel got messed up and instead of just repairing it, they replaced it and made sure it shot where it was aimed.

I took it to the range again and now I can hold a 3" group at 25 yards point of aim. I've since put about 1000 rounds thru it without any problems.

Link Posted: 12/17/2002 4:39:23 PM EST
I shot a 3 gun match last weekend with 6 poppers at 75 yards to be shot prone with the pistol. One of the guys I went with who is new to shooting was using his new Kimber CDP with magtech ball. Well ten rounds and ten hits later at 75 yards I was convinced Kimber did something right.

M1 tanker- here is one of my old work photos http://www.rifleshooter.com/Project%20guns/Boresight2.htm
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