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Posted: 8/27/2004 2:47:47 PM EDT
So thanks to the advice of the guys on here who have been/are in the recent action overseas, I've learned that my recruiter was full of shit in telling me that I wouldn't be able to use my own gear and stuff if deployed. I've recently enlisted in the Army and start OSUT for 13Foxtrot in October.

I'm on a budget (aren't we all?) so I'm thinking I should start picking up any gear I might want to have now (Or maybe I just want an excuse to spend money on cool shit), and in the time leading up to my getting into a duty station, just in case, everyone tells me there's a pretty damn good chance that if you're in a combat MOS, you're going "over there".

Anyways, my question is, where should I start? Gimme the lowdown on what kind of things I should start looking at, that some of you guys have bought for yourself to use in the field?
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 4:43:21 PM EDT
Congrats on enlisting! I will definitely never forget the times I had while on active duty... memories...

Anyways, it will ultimately be up to your chain of command regarding whether or not you can use your own gear. You can end up with a platoon leader that wants everyone to use the same gear for uniformity and familiarity, plus they think it looks good. The company commander and up will backing their decision 99.9% of the time on these issues.

That said, whatever you buy, ask around and buy quality gear that won't crap out in the sand box when you need it most! Some units are getting pretty nice stuff right off the bat, you might be surprised at what you are issued, depending upon where you are stationed. Good luck and stay safe!

-Randy aka "the former SSG Smith"
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 4:46:23 PM EDT
Congrates, everyone loves a good FO they are worth their wieght in gold in a fight.
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 7:03:10 PM EDT
You may want to take a look at the Lightfighter discussion forums. There are examples, reviews, and even pictures of just about any gear you can imagine.

It may not be a bad idea to start buying now, depending on what you have in mind. Smaller companies like SOE will take a while to make your gear. Common gear will be easier to get. There will most likely not be any shortages of 3-Day packs, MOLLE pouches and the like.
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 7:53:14 PM EDT
Thanks for the info guys
But what I'm saying is, I don't want to buy a select few pieces of gear now, and get deployed to find that my leaders don't want me using it in the field, then I've wasted my money, so should I bother? If so, what are the few basic must haves that would be worth buying right away?
I just am asking because of the money issue, I'd like to kind of spread my gear buying out between now and [a possible] deployment, if I buy anything at all.
Link Posted: 8/28/2004 2:44:34 AM EDT
I would recommend holding off until you get to your initial unit. Every unit is different when it comes to what they allow soldiers to use in the field, so you might be best served if you hold if you were to hold off for a bit.
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 12:42:32 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/8/2004 12:44:15 PM EDT by eaglecp]

This is true, There are a Lot of Officers who are stuck between the pages in the Book and will only allow Issue Gear to be worn. BUT what you have to do is called "Play the Game" Ive been in for 14 Years 3 Active at FT Hood TX. and 11 In the Reserves, Been deployed 2 times for the war since Sept.11 and going on the 3rd soon, thankfully the first 2 were realativly short, (*3 and 6 months)

NOW "Playing the Game"
#1.) Just wear your issue shit for most all training you do at your unit Unless your command says otherwise, when you deploy, notice I said WHEN, all that PC Bullshit goes right out the window.

#2)DONT Ask, Its much easier to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission.

#3)Finally dont argue if your told not to wear it, politely say Yes Sir and again save it till you deploy, then I can ALMOST Guarentee they wont say shit to you.

Now You may want to hold off until you get to your unit. For instance if your unit may buy gear from one of the major manufacturers as a bulk Item and thus receive a discount.
Im a SSG. Thats Staff Sergeant or Squad leader, However I am the Platoon Sgt. Now of a Combat Engineer Unit (Demo). We do a Lot of Breeching and support the Infantry and their Demo Needs. I am currently trying to get my unit to place an order for a Number of either HSGI or S.O Tech Plate carriers rigs, (WASATCH or Callahan ). I have bought my own and am trying to sell it to the Brass,

Most likely you will need a Good Chest rig, Preferrably MOLLE Compatible, because due to mission or Individual weapon assignments based on Duty Position, You can change the rig as needed with what pouches are necessary.
A good chest rig is primarily what most of us are going to.
I have found that the New style Hellcat/ Callahan or the Blackhawk STRIKE Commando are the best for balancing the load, with the WASATCH right up there too.
The Callahan/ Hellcat and the BHI chest rigs are cut on an "arch" at both ends of the waist section or cumberbun where the shoulder harnesses attach to the upper section. When you pull the shoulder straps tight they pull the cumberbun back to the chest, this helps eliminate the forward lean or bounce of rig when weighted down with mags and gear.
This was a common problem or complaint with the first RACK's when the came out.

ALso a Chest rig is essential with body Armor which is a bitch but a Must have item. Chest rigs put everything up front for fast access, and speed is all that matters.
You can connect MOLLE Pouches to the Interceptor Armour, However I found while in a M113A3 CT Hatch/ or Turret, Pouches get in the way. With a chest rig I can drop My gear and still have the Interceptor Armor On, If I have to UN-ASS My Vehical All I have to grab is my Weapon and my Chest rig. Trust me you will probably end up as a driver Initially and you will need mobility and need to get in and out in a hurry. Whether the chest rig is on or off it is very low Profile and affords you the Mobility you need.
There are a few draw backs to chest rigs, You can't carry as much of a Load on most of them for dismounted ops, exception would be the Callahan / Hellcat / and WASATCH's.

Well I could go on but , Im beginning to ramble. OH! BTW Check out my thread on the HSGI Gas mask/ dump mag pouch, this is a MUST Have peice of gear.

Link Posted: 9/8/2004 8:57:49 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/8/2004 11:07:07 PM EDT by SlimHazy]

Originally Posted By eaglecp:
I have found that the New style Hellcat/ Callahan or the Blackhawk STRIKE Commando are the best for balancing the load, with the WASATCH right up there too.


Got any pics of your current setups?
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 10:52:41 PM EDT

EXCELLENT post, just the info I was looking for. I saw your post about the HSGI pouch and am probably going to pick one up, as that's something I can use around the range at home anyways, and I've been looking at a lot of other HSGI gear too, the WASATCH and the different chest rigs in particular.

I know it's a little early for me to be buying shit, having not even started BCT yet, but the budget is tight around here.

Also, would a modular leg panel be something good to get now? And just hold on to it and wait till I get to my unit, I'm sure to find something useful to put down there by then...
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 4:09:55 AM EDT
I dont have room for a Modular leg panel, between my 6004 for M9 and the New HSGI Mask/ Dump Pouch, Dont know if it would be helpfull. I IMd you about the other stuff.

Ill see if I can get a Current pic or 2 up of my current rig, Ive never had much luck posting pics on here for some reason, But Ill give it a try Later this weekend when I get a chance.
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 10:34:14 AM EDT
Well see my original plan with the modular leg rig would have included an attatchment for the M9, I just like the option of being able to take it off and switch to something else down there if the mission required it. I have been told that most soldiers aren't even getting the M9 and are only using the M16-M4 as their only weapon?
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 1:03:36 PM EDT
True on the M9, Maily drivers and support carry them, However 13F may be issued one, I know we were as Cav Scouts when I was a 19D. (damn near same Mission).
If I remember right the dump pouch hold 8 maybe , I cant remember off hand, but I think that about right give or take .
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