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Posted: 4/7/2006 3:07:26 AM EST
I would like to get folks opinion on Da Torch IR illuminator. I’ve been using one for ~ 2 months now with mixed success.
I have a Rem MDL 700 that I mount a D-740 on, and an AR that I use a MUM/EoTech on (I also use the MUM hand-held quite often). My location is central Texas, and I’m very rural. By that I mean my closest neighbor is ~1.5 miles away and the nearest town is ~20 miles. So there’s not much light pollution at night.
I had been using an ATN 450 mW illuminator, but ordered Da Torch since the ATN had so much output in the visible spectrum. I could walk out 100 yards and clearly see the ATN, on its lowest setting, with my naked eye.
Da Torch, let me call it DT for brevity, is one awesome IR source. It didn’t have anywhere near the visible light output of the ATN, and the beam is very focused and visible out past 300 yards with my D-740.
My problem is it’s too bright in many cases. My primary purpose for NV is varmints (D-740) and locating livestock (MUM). I have a cattle ranch and need to keep coyotes, hogs, skunks, and other critters under control or they start cutting into the meager profits of a cattle operation.
When sighting in the scope, I was amazed at how bright the DT was. But when I started using it in the field, I noticed I tended to operate with it off most of the time. When it was on, it was so bright it tended to block out anything that wasn’t directly in the beam. The net effect was my field of view (FOV) took a big hit when using it with the 740. Also, on humid nights, there was so much scatter the illuminator became useless.
Now with the MUM, using DT as a hand-held light works great. I can find cattle laying down in the middle of brush 100 yards away, or spot a coyote exiting the tree line 300 yards away.
So for me, DT would benefit from a variable power control that would allow me to turn it down when I don’t need all that power. A momentary tape switch would be nice also, but for me the variable control is the big one.
Anyone else out there interested in variable control? Any other options you would like to see?
Before folks start flaming me, I like Da Torch and use it often, but nothings perfect…
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