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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/10/2001 10:05:07 AM EST
I also posted this in the Uppers/lower section, but no replies, man am I in trouble, no ego left:

Awhile ago we did an informal test. We wanted to see how much a flash hider really hid flash compared to other AR15's. Here are the specs:

20" Preban A2 with standard bird cage flash hider
16" post ban Bushie Dissipator, "naked"
16" post ban Bushie, standard, w/Smith compensator held on with 4 Allen head screws

We used PMC ammo (55gr, FMJ) during a night fire. Results:

Dissipator: Biggest flash
Preban: quick faint flash from top
Post ban Bushie w/ Smith Comp: "glow" in the compensator

We decide that the Smith does a pretty good job for a ATF approved compensator. It was LOUD from the bystanders point of view though, louder then the flash hider. Anyone else notice this or have any thoughts? If you had a postban for tactical use, would you put a compensator on it?
Art in KY
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 10:51:23 AM EST
Glock I have a Cav Arms "cav comp" on my AR. Now this is a Colt light wight (as in A1) 16" barrel with the bayo lug and front sight taken off. It is mated to a smooth flat top reciver which sits on a Cav arms poly lower, makes for a very light package. I was kind of intrested to see what kind of flash I would have at night so on a recent camping trip and haveing a known backstop we tried it. Very little flash, this was with REW 55 grain loads. Also in FA fire using a LL it will push the muzzle down, I was a bit supprised at that! It is louder however.
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 12:06:26 PM EST
I put a cheap comp ($20), on my new Bushy, it looked good but....then I just a bought a Colt comp ($48), "allen screws", and it works like a champ! It made the "glow" that you said and it actually kept the gun a hell of lot steadier than the cheapy.

Moral of the story for ME...you get what you pay for.

Loud? Hell..the 2 M-14's to my left and right sounded like mortar rounds compared to me!

I'm new to all this...the "discovery" factor is a fun experience. I guess not all comps/brakes are alike....

Now if I can try the subsonic ammo & silencer "kidding of course"

Link Posted: 11/10/2001 5:09:25 PM EST

I hope your fun and discovery remain intact indefinetly!
Link Posted: 11/11/2001 6:19:00 AM EST
I've got Smith vortex flash hiders on mine and found them to be outstanding. Zero flash at night unless you're using cheap ammo, then you'll get an occasional fire fly. The only way you'll see any flash is if you're looking straight down the barrel. BTW, these are 16" barrels.
Link Posted: 11/11/2001 2:34:30 PM EST
I'm curious about two things:

1st - does anyone have experience with the Wilson muzzle break - it looks like the birdcage flashhider but is post ban approved by the BATF.

2nd - do any/all of these compensators affect the accuracy of your rifle? Has anyone tested accuracy before and after installing the breaks?

Wilson sez theirs won't affect accuracy at all, but then they're not going to bad mouth their own product.
Link Posted: 11/11/2001 2:39:57 PM EST
I recently compared the flashes from my HK91 w/ factory FH, and a friend's SAR-8 with a muzzle brake. His was so bright you could read with it. Mine barely had any flash at all...hardly noticable. I never realized until then how useful a FH could be.
Link Posted: 11/11/2001 4:31:08 PM EST

2nd - do any/all of these compensators affect the accuracy of your rifle? Has anyone tested accuracy before and after installing the breaks?

Belive it or not, I have an answer for you. Now, this is not my original though, so I must give credit to a friend of mine. Data shows that PostBan is more accurate then a PreBan because there is no tensions on the barrel from screwing the flash hider into place, and no rough edges. So, the Anits actually made us have a more accurate rifle. Ironic HUH? As for the effect of the compensator on the naked rife, I can't suggest, but guesses are, and more informal tests, show NO. I wish we had the money and time to draw conclusive, scientifically sound data with control barrels. If were going to call it a fact, we best do it right, so this does not qualify.
Art in KY, sitting on my brain.
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