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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
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Posted: 6/21/2002 8:44:42 PM EDT
What if, in a shtf scenario, you only had the time to grab 4 guns. Which would they be? 4 AR's for good self defense? Or maybe 4 shotguns?
Mine are...
1. Bushmaster shorty (of course)
2. Remington 870 (Slightly Modified)
3. Remington 700VS (w/all the goodies)
4. Beretta 92 (INOX, w/crimson trace sight)
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 9:33:30 PM EDT
(1) M1 Garand
(2) Steyr .30-06 ProHunter with good scope
(3) Springfield 1911 .45 ACP
(4) Springfield 1911 .45 ACP
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 9:35:37 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/21/2002 9:36:30 PM EDT by Green_Furniture]
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 9:41:19 PM EDT
(1) Colt M4
(2) Mossberg 12 ga
(3) Weatherby .300 Mag
(4) 1911

Sounds like we're all on the same track here.
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 9:42:35 PM EDT
1. AR-15 for future good varmint hunting

2. 12 guage - 12 inch barrel, tactical lighting, extended mag, all the goodies

3. M1 Garand to remember the good ole days.

4. My Sig P220 for a good friend.

I'm set.
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 9:45:11 PM EDT
Preban AR15 type carbine with .22LR conversion kit.

Scoped M1A.

Glock 19 9mm sidearm.

Ruger 22/45 .22lr.
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 9:45:20 PM EDT
Colt Match Target M4gery for local discussions
Scattergun modified Remington 870 for conference calls
Steyr Tactical Scout for longer range conversations
Sig P226 for yelling across the yard

It'd be nice to have a suppressed .22 for whispering sweet nothings....
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 9:50:43 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 9:57:40 PM EDT
Bushy M4 carbine
glock 17

I would use the different guns to have the most chance of finding more ammo if needed. I would be tempted to take a few trash bags or big pvc and bury the AK with 500 rounds somewhere in case I need it later or get disarmed somehow.

The real failure of these what if posts is that if you only had time to take a weapon quickly you would honestly take what is at the front of the safe or what was fired last or maybe whatever you had ammo and mags in place closer for. You would not likely have the four you selected here in the ready to go mode. A man with a single AR and 5 mags and 500 rounds of ammo and maybe a glock 19 and mags and ammo as his total collection would be out the door armed before many of us figured out what to pull from the safe.
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 9:59:27 PM EDT
Wrote it down before looking at posts...

1. Ruger 10/22.
2. Winchester 1300 w/ 21" and 28" barrels
3. Scout M1A
4. S&W mod. 66. 4" stainless bbl.

...But if you would allow just 1 more....
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 10:07:08 PM EDT
20" 12gauge pump shotgun

16" AR15 variant

21" FAL

.45acp 1911 (or maybe a Glock19)
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 10:28:42 PM EDT

1) AR15 16" carbine
2) AK47 clone (7.62x39)
3) No5MK1 Enfield
4) 1911A1 .45

Link Posted: 6/21/2002 10:35:48 PM EDT
1: Bushy 20"
2:M4 Pre-Ban (like the one i am getting in nov.
3:remington 870
4:Sig P220 .45
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 10:40:26 PM EDT
(didnt say I had to own them..)

1. M16 A3
2. Remington PSS in 300 win mag (possibly 308) w/ real good scope
3. remington 870 12 gauge
4. some kind of handgun...
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 10:44:55 PM EDT
1. my big one
2. m4gery with all clips
3.glock 17
4. my lbe
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 10:50:52 PM EDT
Beretta 92
Beretta Tomcat
Hopefully an M1A if I can save up the $

I can't believe how many of the other posters seem to think pistols are secondary.
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 10:53:21 PM EDT
Long range- M1A
Medium range/CQB- 16" AR15
Short Range/Riot- Mossberg 500
Pistol- 1911 WB
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 11:06:48 PM EDT
I hate to call upon the velvet gloved iron fist, but as a matter of clarification, is this not a "clone topic"?

If not, then let's put all of these "One Gun", or "One Rifle and One Handgun" topics into a FAQ?
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 12:42:42 AM EDT

Originally Posted By quantico:
The real failure of these what if posts is that if you only had time to take a weapon quickly you would honestly take what is at the front of the safe or what was fired last or maybe whatever you had ammo and mags in place closer for.

Which is why some of us need to simplify. I have one friend who took it to the extreme, selling every gun in his collection and using the money to buy an M1A for himself, an M1A scout for his wife, and an 1919 belt fed. All in 7.62 nato, plus a tn of ammo and accesories. That is ALL he owns.

If the ballon goes up he wont have any trouble deciding what to grab.
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 4:45:16 AM EDT

Originally Posted By IMHO:
I hate to call upon the velvet gloved iron fist, but as a matter of clarification, is this not a "clone topic"?

If not, then let's put all of these "One Gun", or "One Rifle and One Handgun" topics into a FAQ?

Yes but what about all the other variants?

- 1 rifle, 1 handgun
- 2 rifles, 1 handgun
- 1 rifle, 2 handguns,
- 2 rifles, 2 handguns,
- 56 rifles, 56 handguns

Link Posted: 6/22/2002 4:59:36 AM EDT

Colt 6700 Flattopper 20"
Mossberg 590DA 9sht
Remington 7400 30.06 10rd mags with AP rds
HK USP9 17rd mags

I could "dream" a better list but these are my weapons and my weapons rock!

Link Posted: 6/22/2002 5:07:40 AM EDT
1 - Klien-Gunther 30-06 bolt rifle, Swavarski scoped.

2 - BushMaster "Shorty" AK, w/ ARMS S.I.R, Aimpoint and lots of Q3131A.

3 - Colt CR6724 24" Elite barreled upper topped w/Leupold mil-dot scope and lots of 77SMK moly ammo.

4 - Kimber "Classic" 1911 45acp, w/ lots of ammo.

Link Posted: 6/22/2002 5:41:41 AM EDT
Glock 20

Savage M12BVSS .308

Colt MT6530 with a can

Benneli SBE

Link Posted: 6/22/2002 6:36:06 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 6:46:47 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/22/2002 6:59:18 AM EDT by BlammO]
* M4 SOPMOD kit & SIMON kit
* Glock 18
* RPG7
* Chaingun mounted on an armored HMMWV

Do I get to bring a few friends and a support column too?

[Edited 'cause I changed my mind.]
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 7:18:52 AM EDT
1. FAL
2. Remington 870
3. Springfield 1911A1 mil-spec
4. Glock 17
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 7:41:37 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/22/2002 7:57:25 AM EDT by Waverunner]
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 7:44:30 AM EDT
M4 preban
AR 180b
AK47 clone

Guess I can't choose only 4...
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 8:39:14 AM EDT
1. My Customized Kimber FS.
2. My Colt 6731 w/TA01-NSN
3. My GA Precision "Rock" w/Nightforce 3.5-15x50
4. My Berreta 590 12 gauge.
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 9:15:20 AM EDT
1) HK USPf .45
2) Bushmaster 16" A3 w/ACOG
3) Benelli Nova 12ga.
4) Remington 700 PSS .308
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 2:17:52 PM EDT
I'll do 3:

AR-15 (only have one, a Stoner SR15M4, 16");
S&W 945 pistol
Seecamp .32 in my shorts, in case I get caught short.

Save the rest of the weight for ammo.

Depends on where I was living, though. Here, in FL, it would be as above. If I were in the West, I'd probably take:

Winchester 70 Classic Sharpshooter, .300 WM,
Bushmaster Armpistol
the 945.

Link Posted: 6/22/2002 5:33:33 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/22/2002 5:34:02 PM EDT by Happyshooter]
1. M2HB
2. Mk 19
3. M249
4. 1911

That is what I would want if the 'SHTF'.
I would like to carry it all in a hatchback hummer, too.
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 6:42:42 PM EDT
1. Colt 20" MT
2. Remington 870 with #4 shot
3. Glock 31
4. 10/22 with subsonic rounds.

Link Posted: 6/22/2002 6:58:29 PM EDT
Where am I headed with these weapons?
Am I on foot? An EM bomb might have disabled the truck.
I ain't carrying 4 weapons on foot.

Sidearm and AR or shotgun.
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 7:27:37 PM EDT
870, AR-15, M1a, Glock 22
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 7:32:29 PM EDT
I changed my mind:

2 AR-15's
2 Glock 22's

two types of ammo, extra parts
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 8:16:28 PM EDT
i changed mt mind too

1: M4 Pre-Ban
2: bushy ar15 post ban
3: sig p220 .45
4: Mini gun attached to helicopter!!
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 9:28:48 PM EDT
I would Most Defanitley trust my life and the life of my family to these wepons

1. Mac-90 (chinesse Ak)
2. Mossberg model 500 "cruiser"
3. Glock .40
4. (if i could handle all the weight and all the money$!$!$!) BArrett .50 Shortie Sniper rifle!!!!

Link Posted: 6/22/2002 10:01:11 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/22/2002 10:05:59 PM EDT by Charging_Handle]
My oh my, I see so many folks who don't have any small game guns at all! Some of you better review your SHTF protocols before you starve! High powered rifles are nice but there won't be much left of your rabbits, squirrels, etc after you hit em with a 30-06! If you starve, protecting yourself will be kinda pointless! LOL.

Now on a serious note, I don't or can't see any need to grab an arm full of weapons and flee to the hills like some kind of refugee! But just for the purpose of this question, I would take:

1. Colt AR-15 16" and plenty of mags filled with Q3131A.

2. Remington 870 Wingmaster with 20" barrel and rifle sights (along with plenty of Federal Tactical buckshot and slugs). A spare 28" barrel in either full or modified choke and some #4 or #5 shot rounds would be nice as well.

3. Remington 700 synthetic in either .243, .270 or 30-06 depending on mood.

4. Ruger 10/22 with a variety of ammo including Stingers and some bulk packed Federal and some kind of subsonic rounds.

5. Glock 22 .40 S&W with several preban hi-cap mags loaded with the nice Winchester Silvertip 155 gr ammo which offers a nice combo of expansion (.71" expansion in clothed gellatin and 13" of penetration)and penetration.

I know, I know, that is 5 guns. But that's what I'd take. I don't answer "what if" questions, just the plain if's! LOL.
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 10:17:14 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/22/2002 10:21:04 PM EDT by MouseBoy]
1) Combat shotgun
2) FAL Carbine
3) Baretta 96FS
4) NM M14
Link Posted: 6/23/2002 6:30:22 AM EDT
Hmmmmmm, only four .....

FNFAL (w/optics)
CAR-15 / M4 variant
Remington 870
.45 ACP (Kimber or Sig P220)
Link Posted: 6/23/2002 12:37:20 PM EDT
M4 (unless I could get a galil sar)
Benelli m3 folder
Kimber polymer .45
Link Posted: 6/23/2002 12:55:56 PM EDT
I don't own some of these guns but its my wish list. This assumes that I can afford and legally obtain any guns I want.

1. HK MP5 9mm w/ Suppressor for CQB and room
2. Springfield Armory 1911 .45acp (maybe their mil-spec version) as a backup weapon.
3. Remington 700PSS .308 (I own one) for shooting 100 yards or more.
4. AR15 carbine (I own one) for when I need high cap mag and ability to shoot 50 yards or more.
Link Posted: 6/23/2002 1:04:01 PM EDT
Colt M16
Remington 700 PSS with Leupold MK4
Heckler Koch HK94
Sig Sauer P226 with 20 round mag.
Link Posted: 6/23/2002 2:09:51 PM EDT
1. Colt M4A3 w/ITT night vision & Aimpoint
2. Remington LTR .308
3. Remington 870 Police magnum w/20" barrel
4. HK Tactical .45
Link Posted: 6/23/2002 5:03:19 PM EDT
1. Ruger 10/22
2. Bushmaster M4
3. Colt 1911A1
4. Rem 700 in .270 w/scope
Link Posted: 6/23/2002 5:06:24 PM EDT
i would take my pre ban m4, and maybe some naughty internals.


10/22, probly with home made supressor(i dont have one, but if the SHTF got to a point of being realistic...

Link Posted: 6/23/2002 5:17:36 PM EDT
1)Bushmaster 20" A2
2)SIG P-220
3)Remington 700 PSS?DM 300WM
4)Remington 870
Link Posted: 6/23/2002 5:21:46 PM EDT
Pick your 4 and add a Kel-Tec P32 as a freebie to the list. :)
Link Posted: 6/23/2002 5:36:04 PM EDT
1. AR15/M4 variant w/22 conv. kit
2. M1 or M1a
3. Rem 870 or similar 12GA pump
4. Beretta 9mm 92FS or HK USP 45

This is assuming all of this plus adequate ammo can be carried.
Link Posted: 6/24/2002 6:54:41 PM EDT
If it had to be right now got to go on foot I would take three:

A government model on the hip (Currently a LBSRP)

A bushmaster M4 with a surefire and aimpoint (Back up irons of course for when the batteries die)

A Bushmaster M4 with a trijicon ACOG (No batteries required)

If I absolutly had to bring a 4th I suppose I'd drag my AW out but damn that thing is heavy. I frankly wouldn't get very far with it.

How does Q3131A do on rabbits and squirrels?

What about other gear? How you carrying all your mags and extra ammo? How bout your food?

Most of my mags would be in a tactical vest right at hand with the rest of my essential gear in probably something like a 3 day assault pack or a becker patrol pack if I were going to be out a bit longer.
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