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Posted: 9/18/2009 9:36:42 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/18/2009 4:47:17 PM EST by BBar605]
I couldn't say no and it followed me home!

Its got some rough spots on the barrel but overall good condition for a 91' !

H&K marked M3 super 90 for 700 bucks. Did I do Good?

Link Posted: 9/18/2009 10:22:44 AM EST
I'll buy it from you for $750

I used to have a M1 super 90 and it was a shit kicker of a shot gun, all of my friends loved to shoot it. I only ever had issues with it when I tried to use it for trap and skeet. Got odd looks from the citori crowd when I pulled out the evil black shotgun with the mag extension. I miss those days

Link Posted: 9/18/2009 10:44:18 AM EST
Originally Posted By IndyGrendel63:
I'll buy it from you for $750

I used to have a M1 super 90 and it was a shit kicker of a shot gun, all of my friends loved to shoot it. I only ever had issues with it when I tried to use it for trap and skeet. Got odd looks from the citori crowd when I pulled out the evil black shotgun with the mag extension. I miss those days


I at least want to shoot it first. I have been looking for a M3 for a while. The guy I bought it from said its only pump for the first round?? I haven't ever shot one but everything I have read and watched about them says the opposite. I am not sure if the older HK marked operate like new ones or not.

Anyone have any info about this?? It does seem like if its fired while in pump mode the fore grip would shoot back with the bolt?? Or am I missing something??
Link Posted: 9/18/2009 4:33:04 PM EST
They came out with this the year after I bought my M1. From what I remember it is the same as the M1 S90 as in it is the inertia action that Benelli is famous for, but on the M3 the action can be unlocked by twisting the ring at the end of the forearm and you can then cycle the action like a pump. This was done to make clearing jams easier kind of a gimmick IMHO. The M1 is a much lighter gun, very fast handling. The M3 is noticeably heavier, but still a handy shotgun.

The one problem I had with mine was the inertia system. I didn't find out until a few years after I sold it that you have to move when the gun is fired or the bolt won't unlock. If you put the stock against a tree or something immovable the gun will fire but not cycle. I kept having problems with mine at the trap range and with the bulk 7 1/2 stuff they sell at Wal-Mart, they just didn't kick enough. Slugs and buck shot was no problem. Speaking of slugs, even with a smooth barrel I could hit soda cans at 50-75 yards using BRI sabots and the open sights. I so wanted to put an Aimpoint on that thing, but never got around to it.

Actually just kidding (sort of) about buying it from you. I have been out of work for over nine months and I couldn't afford to buy it anyway. Nice gun for the money for sure. What part of Indiana are you in? I am in south central, not actually in Indy.

Link Posted: 9/18/2009 4:34:40 PM EST
i thought the M3 was made with the pump feature so you could shoot light loads and wouldnt have to worry bout jams?
Link Posted: 9/18/2009 4:46:35 PM EST
Indy, North east IN.

I guess I have read that you can fire both ways. I am just trying to figure out how exactly the bolt frees itself from the fore grip when fired in manual pump?
Link Posted: 9/18/2009 5:15:35 PM EST
I think it is something like the charging handle on the AR, not physically attached to the bolt, but it impacts the bolt and can push it rearward. If all else fails look in wikipedia!!!

Link Posted: 9/18/2009 5:24:55 PM EST
The M3 was developed to allow functioning with a variety of specialty loads - primary market I believe was law enforcement - tactical loads, tear gas loads, bean bag loads, etc.

Operates as a normal inertial system semi auto, but by unlocking the forearm, becomes a pump action shotgun. First shot only story is incorrect.

Now it does have a unique lockup and operation for a pump shotgun. You can manually cycle the forearm without pulling the trigger, which is different from a traditional pump action where when the hammer is cocked you must either pull the trigger or press the release button to cycle the action. This is normal for this shotgun - don't worry about it - the bolt lockup is different than what you think of for pumps.

A couple more unique features of the M3 are the recoil spring (remember, a pump-only shotgun does not have a recoil spring) will actually pull the forearm forward and close the action for you if you don't do so manually, and the bolt will lock back on empty (no more "click" after running the magazine dry as on a traditional pump). So you will know when you're empty immediately, you can throw a shell into the ejection port and hit the bolt release and have it loaded automatically for you ...

Nice shotguns, and a nice price. And good chance the H&K marked version also allows ghost loading without any modding (so you can load 7+1+1 if you want to) - mine does, but not quite as easily as my M1(haven't taken the time to determine quite what the differences are beyond the shifting of the recoil system forward of the bolt).
Link Posted: 9/19/2009 2:21:55 AM EST
Intresting. I also live on the North east side of Indy, and i also own a Benelli M3 shotgun too. Althought i payed 800 used for mine about a year and a half ago. It appears yours is currently missing the barrel/magazine clap. Overall a great shotgun, i have no complaints about mine and it also feeds trap/field loads with ease in auto.
if you have any questions feel free to PM me. You can fire it in semi or auto, and switch between the two at any time you wish. As for the bolt/forarm wanting to move back when firing in pump is normal. Dispite what other discriptions say in adds how it works and what they say are two different things. Because it is a ID driven gun. and when you fire it in manual mode, it will still compress the spring in the bolt and try to unlock the bolt and cycle it while in pump. When using a light load like trap or skeet loads it dont really feel to different. Althought when tossing a heavier load into the gun it becomes quite noticable that the forarm wants to move back. As for the guy saying the first round has to be fired in pump. I think what is happing in this case is he isnt letting the bolt fly home when he loads it but instead eases it close. If you ease it close you will noticed that the bolt wount fully close/lock up. Genely if you give the charnging handle a bump forward you will noticed the bolt fully closing. I do hope your happy with your new toy. I know i enjoy M3, I also whent and bought a field barrel for it, and the magazine plug and retainer . Once again feel free to PM me any questions

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