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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/18/2002 12:02:37 PM EST
I posted this in the hunting forum, but I think it got missed.

I've never hunted before. A friend asked me to go this November. They go out to PA or WVA, not sure.

THEN another friend mentioned that you are not allowed to hunt deer in PA with a semi. Must be bolt/lever action or single shot.

I'll have a TROMIX .458 SOCOM upper. If there are any problems with using that, let me know too please.

Hunting web links would help too!

Thanks for any assistance,
Link Posted: 9/18/2002 12:28:11 PM EST
I live in PA but dont hunt. I do remember a few hunters telling me no semi auto in PA

Link Posted: 9/18/2002 1:39:09 PM EST
Idon't know about PA regulations but here is a link to WV hunting www.dnr.state.wv.us/wvhunting/regulations/2000regs.htm
Link Posted: 9/18/2002 2:12:47 PM EST
Phill, HDV,

Thanks! I'll keep looking for confirmation.


Link Posted: 9/18/2002 2:27:58 PM EST
PA has some of the best gun laws in the country however no semi for big game hunting. I have heard of people disabling the gas system on their ARs to make them single shot but I wouldn't want to try to plead my case to a game warden.
Link Posted: 9/18/2002 3:31:38 PM EST
If you have a bolt action .458 SOCOM upper, you're good to go.
Link Posted: 9/19/2002 5:24:55 AM EST
Ummm, no. That .458 upper is on an AR.

Link Posted: 9/19/2002 5:36:28 AM EST
Sorry but PA doesn't allow semi-auto rifles for hunting.

You could always get one of those single shot AR lowers if you really wanted to use it.
Link Posted: 9/19/2002 6:32:46 AM EST
Just out of curiousity, could you use magazines with a 1-round follower and be ok?
Link Posted: 9/19/2002 7:16:29 AM EST

Just out of curiousity, could you use magazines with a 1-round follower and be ok?

No, because then it would be a semi-auto with a blocked mag, which ias still a semi-auto. The single shot lower (which is the rifle) would be your only option I would think. Since there's obviously no mag well, you could probably get away with it
Link Posted: 9/19/2002 7:33:52 AM EST

Should not be a problem at all in W.Va.

I've hunted white tail with an HK 91 there

I've never found solid info on mag capacity for deer hunting in that state, so I blocked one mag to 10 rnds. and got on with it.
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