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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/23/2002 7:20:58 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/25/2002 8:29:21 AM EST by dave223]
Does any body know which FUCKING HOGUE wrap around grip fits a Springfield 1911 full size .45? I have had it up to my ass with people guessing and selling me the wrong ones and then they rip....


edited to add which type
Link Posted: 4/23/2002 7:56:04 PM EST

45 = gun type; 0 = rubber/material; 00 = no options.

1911 style full-size rubber grip with fingergrooves.

Link Posted: 4/23/2002 9:08:14 PM EST
I used a Pachmeyer on mine, a little tight but a perfect fit. They are listed as Colt "Full Size", I don't know the stock number.

Link Posted: 4/23/2002 9:14:11 PM EST
Thanks....45000 is the grip that I have in my hand. I tried to put them on and they will not stretch enough to fit....any tips....they are starting to tear along the bottom???????????????
Link Posted: 4/23/2002 11:22:09 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/24/2002 6:23:08 AM EST

Originally Posted By Troy:
fit fine with a little patience.

Well...I do feel a little better today and it least I can look at them without wanting to melt them down into a ball!! Let me give a more sane description of the problem (in case somebody comes back to read it)! The screw holes line up fine. I can get either the top two in or the bottom two in but not both. I can get screws in 3 out of 4 holes...but the last hole is off by at least an 1/8"...thats to much to strectch that hard rubber I THINK. They are starting to rip at the bottom where they wrap around. I agree that they should be tight...but Geeeeez.
Link Posted: 4/24/2002 9:54:55 AM EST
they are a pain in the a** to install but a little bit of work to install pays off. I love mine..

Link Posted: 4/24/2002 9:00:55 PM EST
I notice on my frame that the Springfield is a little...blockier looking...like they spent less time finishing. Not downing Spr. as I like it almost as much as my Kimber, more than the colt....Anyway, you might try slicing the rubber wraparound off, and buying one of the checkering strips out of Brownells. I think it's made by wilson, it slides under the grip panels on each side...cheap way of having a checkered frontstrap. Other than that, heat the rubber a little? Sorry can't be of more help.
Link Posted: 4/24/2002 9:27:59 PM EST
Don't have a 1911, so I have no experience installing Hogue grips to one. I have however installed Hogue wraparound grips to my Ruger Mark II and my Beretta 92FS. Both installed easily. Guess all 1911's aren't made to the exact same specification.


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Link Posted: 4/24/2002 10:40:56 PM EST
dave, do the bottoms first then the top.
I had a little trouble with my SA's, but found the going from bottom to top was easier.
Link Posted: 4/25/2002 4:48:44 AM EST
The problem with the Springfield pistols is that they don't (or at least didn't - I've heard the latest models have changed) use the original Colt radius for the frontstrap. The Springfield has more of a squarish frontstrap which means that a wrap-around grip made for a Colt will have to stretch a bit to fit a Springfield.
Link Posted: 4/25/2002 5:02:28 AM EST
I have installed the hogue grips on my colt 1911 and my cz. they take a little bit to get on, but they do fit. i rather it be a little tight than loose. i love the hogue products. im still trying to talk the girlfriend into getttin the hogue toliet seat lol. give it a try. if you are stuck with it you might as well try and make it work.

Link Posted: 4/25/2002 8:41:38 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/25/2002 8:43:05 AM EST by dave223]
Thanks to everbody for the great replies!!!
I returned the Hogues. I did deep breathing exercises and meditation before I started again and they just would not fit. The ProDefense guys helped me out again..and found me a set of black panels...which are just fine with me...I love them (anything but those wooden cheese graders that came with the gun)! I also went to the range with her for the first time. I am very impressed with this gun...My first three shots were tightly grouped dead center. Not bad for being a rookie. Things started to get funny after that...shots were all over the paper. As I set the gun down to scratch my head....I noticed that the rear sight had come loose! I walked out of the house with the wrong range bag today and forgot my tool kit...That ended that session. The trigger was smooth and fairly light. In fact...when I switched over to shoot my 2001 LEGP, I hated the trigger pull on my AR. What a huge difference. Here are some pics of my bitches and the new black rubber panels on the 1911.

Link Posted: 4/25/2002 3:29:38 PM EST

If you think the 1911 ones are difficult to install, you should try installing the CZ75 set...


Anyway, I got Hogue grips to fit fine on my Kimber.

In fact, when it comes to installing grips, I've always had more trouble getting the factory grips off due to over-tightening of the screws than I've had putting grips on,
Link Posted: 4/25/2002 7:30:24 PM EST
Hey Dave,

If you still want, Pierce makes a wrap around, finger groove, frontstrap insert. They are secured under whatever grip panels you might want/be using. Over stretch is no problem...trim to fit. I have this setup with a pair of Pachymar signature panels on one of my .45's. Look and feel is great. Should look and work nicely with those black panels you've got now.

Sorry, don't know the model #, but I think brownells and maybe sportsmansguide has them.

Link Posted: 4/26/2002 10:48:36 AM EST
Danforth....check your mail please!
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