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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/21/2003 8:33:32 PM EST
Has anyone gotten one of these Khukuri's?? Ive always had a fascination with these type blades. From reading story's from Pappy Hicks and Nam. I really want one and they are alittle pricey but they really boast about there quality and craftsmanship.Looks like it will run between $100 -$150 for one of the types I would like. Im still researching them and other manufacturers. Thanks WarDawg
Link Posted: 4/23/2003 9:44:26 AM EST
New here and first post. I do know a bit about the Himalayan Imports Khukuiris. I would have to say they are the best Khukuris in the world. I had one of the Cold Steel khukuri type knives, but sold it to pay for an HI Khukuri. They are great choppers and VERY tuff. I tried flexing one in a tree and did not have much luck. They chop better than any knife I have used(expept for a custom bolo I have, they are equal). They are almost 1/2" Thick(some are depending on the model you get). So you can pry with them without worry. I have 12 HI products at this time and they are all great tools. I keep a 16.5" Chiruwa in my bob. If you have not checked out the HI forum on Bladeforums, you should check it out. Uncle Bill will put up deals for the day. You can call or email, be sure to read the rules for buying deals at the top of the forum. You can save $50 or more on a Khukuri getting one of his deals. My favorite khukuri is the 16.5" Chiruwa. They are very tuff and have the best warranty(read it on the shopping site). I think it is the best all around Khukuri. But the 15"AK,18"AK, and WWII's are good too. All of them are good. What do you plan on using it for? I be happy to answer any questions. Logan
Link Posted: 4/23/2003 5:47:35 PM EST
Thanks Logan. First I'm an avid gun collector and what goes along with guns?? Knives!!!!!! Ive always wanted one . I would like it to be first a Fighting Blade... Second a tool to take camping in the deep woods with my son.Limbs chopping and anything around the campfire setting. And then at the end of the day wipe her down and enjoy a finely made piece of equipment.I hate a cheap as nonfunctional anything.... I really don't know which one to choose at this time as far as the Himalayan exports ones goes. Don't you hate it when they give you to many choices!!!!!The lenght I would figure would be one that was atleast 16-18 inches. Thanks for your input , WarDawg
Link Posted: 4/23/2003 6:36:52 PM EST
Probably the best choice of weapon and tool would be the WWII. It is also stated on the website(shopping site) that it is the best combition of weapon and tool. The WWII comes in 2 sizes, 16.5" and 18". I have two 18" WWII's, one with a bone handle and the other with wood. I would reccomend getting one with a wood handle, it will have more grip than the bone. I have used the bone handled WWII in the rain and it was getting a little slippery, I might rough up the handle a bit. Last month there was a khukuri convention that Uncle Bill put on in Reno that I attented. One of the attendees put on a Martial Arts demo with the Khukuri. The man is a high ranking instructor of Bando. His favored weapon is an 18" WWII with a wood handle. He was saying to think of motor oil(relating it to blood) on the handle and what would grip better, wood grips better. It was very impressive to watch him use the weapon and he was very knowledgeable. Uncle Bill Video taped the Convention and got Dr. Winborne's Demo on tape. I think his martial arts demo was about 1.5 hours. I learned a lot and have incorperated the Khukuri into my own Martail Arts training. I think Bill is still making copies if you are interested. I think I paid $15 shipped for the tape.

The 18" WWII is my second favorite khukuri, right after the Chiruwa. I took my wood handled out to test on a dead tree. The tree was about 8"-10" thick. It took a bit to get through it, that wood was Hard. Did a little prying after that. I cleaned it up after I was done. It Looked like I did not even use it and it was still very sharp.

As I said before, check the HI website on bladeforums. They are building a new khukuri factory in Nepal. Uncle Bill is putting up a lot of deals to pay for the construction. They are being called Crazy Pala Deals(CPD). Uncle Bill has sold 2-3 18" WWII's in the last few days. 2 were $85 shipped, and the one left over from yesterday went for $75 shipped today, that is half price. I have bought many of my khukuris by watching the deals. They usually happen sometime in the morning. I hope this info helps. Logan
Link Posted: 4/24/2003 6:38:46 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/24/2003 6:44:44 PM EST by mrostov]
Logan W: Question, when you refer to HI Khukuris and their length, are you referring to the overall length or the blade length? For instance, my WWII pattern Khukuri has a 12" blade but is 16.5" overall. So, would that be considered in HI's terminology a 12" or a 16.5" khukuri?

My personal pack around Khukuri is one of unknown age (I've had it for over 20 years and it was given to me by a relative) but looks rather well made and cuts and chops extremely well. There are no proof or identifying marks on the blade, but by comparing it to pictures of other khukuris it looks identical to a WWII pattern. The wooden handle is pinned on and has brass decorative bands, a brass end cap, and a steel front cap.

I was thinking of upgrading to a Cold Steel Kurkri (CS's spelling). I have a Trailmaster and an SRK, and I like the Carbon V steel that's in them and how it holds an edge.

The HI's are pounded out of old leaf springs. Why did you chose an HI over a CS?
Link Posted: 4/24/2003 10:05:10 PM EST
I am referring to overall length. Yours would be a 16.5" khukuri by HI terminology. Your khukuri sounds pretty cool. I don't know much about the older khukuris. I like the Cold Steel stuff. I think it is made of very good steel and performs well. I used to have a Trailmaster and ATC(Khukuri type blade). They were nice. I just like the HI stuff better. They are quite a bit tougher and hold a good edge. They chop better than any of my other blades and you can pry with them. And there is just something about a large khukuri that was handmade. It feels different, it feels good hey. My perfect setup is a 16.5" Chiruwa, 6"-7" Busse or Swamp Rat, Spyderco Chinook, and a Supertool. Pretty much handles anything for me.
Link Posted: 4/26/2003 4:38:07 AM EST

Originally Posted By mrostov: The HI's are pounded out of old leaf springs. Why did you chose an HI over a CS?

But is your Cold Steel blessed?

Link Posted: 4/26/2003 11:26:12 AM EST
Guys I was able to get in on a Uncle Bill's speacial. I got an 18" 30 ounce Bura AK for half price. It was especially , fasinating to see the process on how they make these ( Old school ) I mean OLD!!!!! Thanks WarDawg
Link Posted: 5/30/2003 7:06:04 PM EST
My Sher 16.5" WWII arrived today. Wow, is all I have to say!
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 11:53:34 PM EST
Anyone know of a good knifesmith that can put a newer, Bowie style handle on a Khukuri?
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 4:26:03 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:10:12 AM EST

For instance, my WWII pattern Khukuri has a 12" blade but is 16.5" overall. So, would that be considered in HI's terminology a 12" or a 16.5" khukuri?

That would be a 16.5". You measure from the tip of the blade to a point where the blade bends then from that point to the end of the handle. The line you measure looks like a greater than sign.

My favorite knife is my 20" khukuri from HI. Even though I've gone through three handles on it and have a bunch of chips in the edge where I've abused it, it's going to last longer than I do. I use it as a hammer, a flat-headed screwdriver, a pry bar, an axe, small shovel, and sometimes even as a knife.z
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 4:07:09 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/23/2003 4:11:21 PM EST by 545x45]
Hope ya'll draw that knive while holdin' it between thumb and fingers, not the American way as I had found out later. Of course the knife still had a edge after about 7 years ad this a Indian copy now. Mostly use in the hack and draw method or slash left and right at a forty dregree angle. Takes ears, noses and lips off with little effort. Remember the Britsh line to use your rifle and bayo first the whack the rest them with a Khukuri. No stiches on the hand either.[shocked]Also less the 25 dollar GI
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